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Well, I went to pick up a free tank I found nearby today and discovered it was a 20g tank instead of 10g. So that's awesome! Might make it more difficult to convince my wife, but it will also open up some possibilities for fish and tank décor. It's in major need of some cleaning as it looks like it's been outside or in a garage for quite some time. Hopefully it's scratch and crack free! I'll try to post some pictures of it soon. L 24"x W 12" x H 16". That's 20g right?

Good to know about the potential issues with the well water. I'll see if I can't find some information on it.
LEt's see if I remember imperial correctly. 4608 cubic inch, divide by 231 that's 19.95 gallons.

What are you going to do for lighting on this?

As to filtration, a hob is an option, a small external is another and that would probably be quieter and certainly easier to hide. The choice is yours.