I'm planning to get a bigger tank. And I want a backgound filter for it. I have seen a lot of differnt designs on the web and been inspired to draw this one. filtera.jpg
From right to left: 1. Water intake from the bottom into a water chamber with another intake inside the chamber at the top. 2. Walls to create a tunnel that forces the water up and down through the filter material. 3. Water chamber with powerheads and outtake. In theory this design will force the water to travel through the entire filter. And with only one intake in the bottom and two powerheads it should be able to create suction power in the water intake and hopefully be able to draw the dirt all the way up (20 inches) to the intake at the top of the water chamber and in to the filter. I'm thinking of using cerramic rings first, bioballs second and filterfloss at the end. The filter would have 26 gallons volume for a 190 gallons freshwater tank. Any feedback and improvements on the filter would be welcome, thanks.