Angels are one of the easier fish to breed once you have a pair. If you are breeding to sell and not just for fun or fry I would get some type of blue angel. Its one of the more marketable angels (at least in the USA) right now and its going to be the more expensive of the angels so will repay your hard work a bit better.

Once you have a pair, a single 20g tank with a sponge filter and breeding cone is sufficient. Also daily-3x a week water changes of 50% or more will aid your pair.

Small foods are out there. I personally used a product called Liquifry. A drop does a whole clutch. Baby brine shrimp are a pain but if you wanna do breeding they are a good resource. Also finely crushed flake food or powdered pellets fed directly by suringe or baster. Also a few plants in the tank helps with angels. It encourages algae and other things to grow and will allow for suplemental feeding that aids those first two weeks.