Hey guys!

I've recently gotten a new fish buddy who is getting back into the hobby after 14 years of being out. You guys should know her as Maryann -- as she joined the forum a couple days ago.

Anyway, she's quite interested in getting a Rubber Eel. I have no idea about these guys, so I can't really give her any advice.

Her situation is as follows -- (to the best of my knowledge)

180G tank with a Rena XP3.

4 Von rio Tetra
? Red Belly Tetra (I'm not sure what these are)
1 Black Moor
? Mollies
3 Fancy Guppies

Eventually she would like to have Angels, and Kuhlis.

Okay, with that bit of information, what issues can you see, and what information do you have about the eels?