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    Default Beginner fish ideas.

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    Hey all, looking to get an aquarium once I have moved house. I have been looking at a 160l (35.5g?) 100x40x40.
    Haven't bought anything yet as a) funds are low and b) don't have space in my current place - so I'm doing research atm.
    I am planning on planting it, with a graduation in plant height towards the back. Also if I can budget it in I plan on getting some rocks for hardscaping and having them at either end with a dark substrate and some sand in the middle?

    I like the idea of a couple of schools of brightly colored fish, but could do with some advice on who will get on well with who, and any who might be a bit difficult for a beginner. Also who would suit going into the tank first and who might need to wait till it's established.
    So, a list of the fish I'd looked at and liked;

    Neon tetras
    Cherry barbs
    Cory's -a couple of different var. that I liked
    : Bandit, False bandit, Green, Bronze, Three lined and Panda
    Rainbowfish- Both Threadfin and Dwarf neon
    Galaxy rasboras
    Gouramis - Red honey dwarf, Blue and Opaline

    I'm aware that most of these are schooling fish, but am not sure what would constitute a reasonable school for each. Also would different var. of Cory's school together? Or would you need a school of each var.? And the Gouramis, would a blue/opaline one be okay on it's own or would it need company? And would they fight with the Dwarf reds?

    Im aware that I can't fit all those In a tank that size, esp. in full schools so any ideas and/or advice appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    P.S Sorry for the book's worth of questions - just some things are hard to glean from plain text and it helps to ask.

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    OK, first of all, start reading about fishless cycle.
    2nd, have a look at your water company website to get some feeling for what you're dealing wiht.

    100x40x40 seems a european size. Might wanna look at a juwel rio 180 then. Gets you good light and a pretty decent filter.

    Height difference will make it bigger, see my tank (sig below here)

    Cories really do best on sand.

    From these
    12 neons
    12 cherry barbs
    8 cories (preferably same species, compatible habits and the chance they reproduce)

    Is a nice start

    After this give your plants some time to grow in before you look at gourami.

    Rainbowfish tend to love hard water and are a bit big, the rest love soft water. Galaxies would end up as rainbowfish food.

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    Look at the Bloodfin tetras. They are a very hardy tetra and will school tightly.

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    They will also get into a serious fight with the gourami, if that ever appears. And the prefer the water a bit cooler.

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    Never had a problem with the temp. Keep them in 78 degree water.

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    Welcome to the AC!

    I have 9 Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish - mine are great (their tankmates are listed in my sig). They get to about 2-1/2 inches. You need to have 2 females for each male (I have 3 males and 6 females) or all of one gender. I considered both Cherry Barbs and several cory species and either or both would do fine with the Rainbows. Not sure how the Rainbows would do with Gouramis or vice versa.
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    fyi threadfins and dwarf neon rainbows are the smallest of the rainbow species. And IMO treadfins would work a small school of about 6 would love it they are a little timid at first.
    Last edited by daimen123; 03-07-2013 at 11:09 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke77 View Post
    Never had a problem with the temp. Keep them in 78 degree water.
    Good point, they can be kept in cooler tempature but their colors will fade. I also don't belive they would bother the Gourami. I've never kept them together but the bloodfins never bothered the Angel fish I kept them with.
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    Hey thanks for the info,was already planning on a fish-less cycle -looks like a little longer to get the fish in the short term but less hassle and risk in the long run, right? Also the bit about what order to introduce the fishies, I was if any of them were particularly sensitive to water changes and should be left till the tank settled a bit after cycling?

    Also, looking to have a few plants in the long run so thinking about plant substrates, will these give off stuff and affect cycling and will it be okay to put in the plants as I start cycling? I have a few friends with established tanks, healthy as far as I know - would anything bad die off during cycling or am I best off not risking anything affecting future fishies?

    If I went for a sand substrate, how would I keep it clean? Are the any that are heavy(?) enough to use with a gravel vacuum thing? Or is there a specific way to keep it nice and clean looking?


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    I've kept tetra substrate capped with gravel. Works extremely well for plants! I've switched to sand now with jbl 7+13 clay pellets and some liquid ferts. Works well too and it's much more popular with the bottom dwellers.

    I've got malaysian trumpet snails who plough in part of the fish poo into the sand where it helps the plants. The rest I syphon away. I use a 6mm hose and make circular motions with a finger just over the sand. The sand settles a lot more quickly than the dirt.

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