hey guys,

im starting a 25 gallon cube for the wife in the bedroom, bought the tank last night, getting the sump today(first tank with a sump ) and now the lighting. this is the tricky part because the wife is more concerned with appearance than function(typical apple product user) so i have narrowed choices.

Kessil A150W(new)
Kessil 350w(dimmable)(new)
AI Sol Blue(with controller)(used)
AI Nano(not sure if this would work)(used)
cheapo Ebay 3w bridglux LED(dimmable- non controlable)
the coral life Hang mount Metal Halide( i wouldn't need a heater lol- tried and true.)

i have read that the kessil a150w is awesome and so are the other products listed- it will be a mixed reef a little of everything
trying to keep in the budget of $350

now im left with a choice i know nothing much about since my 55 is still MH