Over the last few years I have tried various types and brands of food, I have settled on mostly using Nutrafin Max products despite the extra cost.

Being back at uni and buying my books i can't afford my regular brand and went down to the LFS today they had a new brand called New Era and it came in a number of flakes, pellets granules etc. I bought a smaller container and thought I would give it a go, I needed food for my new albino cories, and wow I wanna know whats in this food, apart from feeding live blackworms i have never seen any of my fish eat so vigorously, Usually my cories continue with their day when I feed and just 'stumble' across the food. But with this stuff in a 5x2 footprint tank they actively hunted the pellets and chased the rummy nose away. The guy at the store gave me some pleco logs from the same brand so i gave those a go and the male bristlenose is protecting it like he is guarding eggs. Has anyone used this brand before and got similar reactions out of their fish?