Does anyone know if it is safe to put 1 week old platy fry in the fry tank with 1 month old platy/swordtail hybrid fry? Another problem is the 1 week old fry are in a HOB breeder box that they were born in and the problem is that there is callamanus worms in the tank but the one month old fry were born from the mother that was in that infected tank as well so the older one might be infected as well and i am going to treat all my tanks with levamisole tomorrow so they would be getting medicated in there if i move them to the fry tank or if they stay in the 20 gallon community tank in the HOB they would get medicated as well. I also need that breeder box cuz i have two other females that are gonna drop any day as well. So if you were me would you move the 1 week old fry in with the 1 month old or not? I hope someone has some advice for me!!