I’m planning on adding pressurized CO2 to my 90 gallon tank so I can increasing the lighting and try to keep some of the more demanding plants that I have always stayed away from in the past.

After a lot of reading and seeing a set-ups first hand, below is how I was planning to set-up my pressurized C02. I have changed my mind on how I had wanted to set this up a few times over the past few weeks, but this is my latest plan.

The XP2 filter, heater and spray bar position is basically the same as I have it right now. The only change would be to add the diffuser and CO2 and Air lines to the diffuser. By using timers on the solenoid and air pump, I can alternate the two to match the lighting cycle providing CO2 to the plants when the light is on and O@ to the tank when the lights are off.

Just wondering what everyone would think of this plan