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  1. Default 55 gallon cichlid tank socking ideas

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    Hello I have a old fiftyfive gallon and I want to do cichlids. I'm not really sure what kinds of cichlids would look cool in there. Any advice is good. we had some convicts in there a couple of years ago and this time I would like something with more color. (preferably something that won't eat all the plants that I put in there).

  2. Default

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    if you want plants, you limit the cichlids you can have.

    55's can be a neat mbuna set up-they provide lots of color, but need massive filtration.

    otherwise, a 55, fill it with 1 angel fish
    and some dwarf's like blue rams or bolivian rams, or a krib.
    tetra's as a filler and you have a nice active set up.

    but most cichlids get too big for a 55.

  3. Default

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    + to Missoutank. His idea sounds like a very nice set up

    You could also go with 3 blood parrots. Talk about color and they have personality +. Again - you could add some dwarf cichlids as above and some tetras.

    we'll want to see photos, however you decide :o)
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  4. Default

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    South American dwarf pike cichlids

    Crenicichla compressiceps

    C. notophthalmus

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    I would put several Male peacocks of different colors in the tank...

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    My 55 planted is what Missoutank suggested here. I also like mbuna OR peacocks but they like rocks more than plants and a lot of rocks. Another thing that works with some of the cichlids are plants that attach to rock and driftwood so nothing is actually planted in substrate but still have the appearance of a planted tank.

    Another 55 I have is blood parrots with a couple bristlenose. You know there will be no breeding with them. I also like the dwarf cichlids, particularly the apisto's. Darned things are a bit expensive tho

    Blue Acara is a great fish as well as the Severum.

  7. Default

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    Thanks for all the input I think i'll do some dwarf cichlids and some tetras. Thanks!

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