Hello everyone,

I have a 10 gallon bare bottome setup that is housing a dwarf gourami. Im running a sponge filter and an intrnal fluval nano filter. Both are are aged filters.

This Wednesday I will be taking the dwarf gourami to my monthly fish club meeting where he will go to his new home with a fellow aquarist.

My question is how long will the BB in the filters survive without fish in the tank?

I dont not want to move the internal filter because it makes a lot of noise if it is moved and it is a major PITA to get all the air out of it so it stops making noise. I also do not want to move fish to avoid any stress on them, but am willing to do so if it is necessary for bb.

The meeting i about 3 hours long will bb die off in that time? I also will bring fish back home for this tank.

Also i will be doing my weekly water change today if that makes any difference.