Hi, sorry to post again so soon, but my sister has a question about something I didn't even think of...

Our neon tetras keep hiding from the fluorescent light... Is there a non-permanent way to make the light dim that won't get ruined if it gets wet, and won't catch fire being so close to the bulb on our hood? there is a glass window on the top to separate the light from the tank.

We'd like to see our tetras swimming when we can actually see them, but the light scares them, also our female betta likes it better in the light. My male betta is in an unlighted tank because he's close enough that the light from the 20gal illuminates him as well. I don't mind having to get a small light for my betta, but the light is too bright for the tetra as it stands.

We've heard of using car window tinting, but we don't want the dimming to be permanent in case we use the tank for something else in the future that requires a brighter light.