My sister and I are new to aquariums and I just noticed a strange behavior of our gold mystery snail. I thought I'd start a thread to talk about these little guys.

A few minutes ago I noticed that the gold mystery snail that we have was burrowing into the gravel. He buried himself halfway into the gravel. I'm not sure if this is normal, but he hasn't done it in the past two weeks that we've had him.

Can anyone verify if this is natural, I'd like to do something quickly if this is not normal behavior. We have 11 neons, 1 green (false) neon, two ghost shrimp, and a female betta.

The betta is pretty friendly and doesn't attack any of her tank mates (yet?) and has generally left the snail alone except when she swims around him and watches him.

I was thinking that his behavior might be so that he can rest safely, but as I said before, he has never done it before. I did see a couple of gold and black mystery snails doing this at petco but it didn't seem to bother the specialist there. I've heard that you can't trust pet stores 100% so I thought I'd ask here.