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    Default Most peaceful gourami species?

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    Which species of gourami is general considered the most peaceful and mild mannered??
    Which one is least likely to show aggression towards, or eat smaller, peaceful tank mates and their eggs/fry??

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    Honey Gourami's are quite peaceful. I had one and he didn't bother anyone.

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    dwarf. the majority of the bigger ones are just color differences.... not species... same with dwarf ones i think
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    Pearl gouramis are very peaceful, as are honeys and sparkling. 3 spots are pretty aggressive - blue, gold, opaline, lavender, platinum - don't know if there are other color morphs. Moonlights are fairly peaceful, as are banded and thick lipped.

    Of the ones mentioned, the 3 spots are the only ones that MIGHT eat smaller tank mates, and are the only ones to be concerned about aggression. As for eating eggs, all fish will eat eggs if they can, and most will eat fry.
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    they are all fairly peaceful to fish that they can't fit in their mouth

    or fish that rival their size/shape/color-they are aggressive to that as they think it is a rival gourami in their territory.

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    I would agree with the Pearls but keep in mind, they are still gourami and do best as either a pair or just one. And females are not that easy to find.

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    It's been my experience with gourami that they do best solo or in trios (1m, 2f) - I'm guessing that's what LH meant to say. Three spot females are fairly common, but as had been stated, are the least peaceful and need large tanks.

    I did manage to locate two female dwarf gourami and kept them with a male. They did fairly well. I found one female before the other, though, and while she was alone with the male, she got harassed a lot.

    I haven't kept honey gourami, but I'm told they are more peaceful and male/female ratio isn't as important.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs View Post
    I would agree with the Pearls but keep in mind, they are still gourami and do best as either a pair or just one. And females are not that easy to find.
    I have not found that to be the case. In my experience, pearls are a group oriented fish. I keep 5 of them - they very much appreciate the company of their own kind. Females are plentiful in the fish stores I go to. The sexual dimorphism is minimal, so I don't know why anyone would have trouble finding them. Perhaps you are thinking of female dwarf gouramis? I've only ever seen one in my life (in person).

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