Well, since I have my tilapia running well, and haven't lost a single fish due to the cold, I started working on the "pretty tank" as my wife calls it in our living room. I am running a no name [sunsun] 100 gallon canister filter, and dual 200 watt via aqua glass heaters. I have the filter outlet blowing across the back of the tank over the heaters to keep it circulating The left side is pool filter sand and the right is river rock divided by natural quartz rocks from my home town mountain lake. This aquarium has been up and running for months with no problems ;)

PS - the two "sacks" just to the left of the pick up tube are transplant bacteria sacks I use to quickly cycle new tanks. I leave them in for a while until enough fish have been in the tank for a while to populate the filtration system. These are about ready to be removed and placed in a holding tank.

I stocked it with a few cichlids from our LFS and from the nearby Petsmart. I got the smaller [and less expensive] cichlids and "various cichlids" to add some mystery to what I got, and this is what I ended up with. So far I have found out I have an electric blue, a golden cichlid, and a snow white cichlid. I also got a couple of pink bellied convicts of which I didn't realize were a pair until they cleared out the front corner of my tank in the pool filter sand and made their first nest! I hear they are real easy to breed, so we will see what they do. I did have a brown algae problem that was creeping up, but since I put the silk and live plants [shorter ones in front] and a moss ball in the tank along with two oto's [want a few more] its mostly gone now.

Just thought I would post a bit about my "new" old 75 gallon. :)