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Thread: Please Help!

  1. Default Please Help!

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    I have a 4" parrot fish. He was bullied by my Jack Dempsy that i no longer have. I'm looking to restock with mildly agressive/non-aggressive fish.
    My idea:
    2 cory catfish
    1 dwarf gourami
    2 blue gourami
    3 hatchet fish
    Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated! Thanks
    Last edited by dyl_21; 03-02-2013 at 09:27 PM.

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    Most important would be your tank size. Without that we cannot really make any meaningful suggestions. However, your current stock list already is violating certain universal stocking rules: hatchetfish and corydoras should not be kept in numbers any less than six. All six of both hatchets and cories should be of the same species, for instance, if you pick bronze cories then stick with bronze cories and nothing else. If you go with marble hatchets then don't mix them with Silver Hatchets. Besides that, as a general rule gouramis should be kept singly due to them being territorial with other gouramis. This does not mean that they cannot be kept with other community fish.

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    I could be wrong but I wouldn't think small community fish like that would do well with a parrotfish.

    What sized tank is it?

    EDIT: just read your blog and it's a 45g? Okay, so that gives us some options. First of all, like madagascar said, cories need a school which is a group of at least 6-8 specimens. Hatchets I don't think will do well with a parrotfish so I'd nix them. Gourami are territorial so you'd only be able to keep ONE, and even then I'm not sure how well they'll do with the parrotfish.

    I'm not expert on Blood Parrots but they like to be in family groups, have you considered just getting more Parrots? I think (don't quote me) that 45g is enough space for 3.
    Last edited by Amelia; 03-02-2013 at 10:39 PM.

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    ++ to both above posts.
    Good for you for asking. Cories do need to be in groups of a min of 6.
    And AmeliaX is right. Blood Parrots like family units. I'd think that with good tank mantaince (weekly water changes of at least 50%, you could keep 3 BP's in your tank with a small school of cories, nothing else.
    Good luck!
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    Ugh... Now you've made me wish I didn't just sell my 45g!! I think 3 Blood Parrots and around 6 of the larger cories like Peppered or Bronzes would be a great stocking, I'd love to try it out myself. Alternatively, you could swap out the cories for 3 or so Bristlenosed Ancistrus.
    Last edited by Amelia; 03-03-2013 at 12:38 AM.

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