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  1. Default 90 gal aquarium stocking

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    So... I'm looking into getting a larger aquarium, around 90 or 100 gallons.
    I'm thinking mostly plants and driftwood, not a lot of decorations. It'll probably have a sand bottom.
    I'm going to move my 10 tiger barbs over, and considering keeping hatchets, platies, and tetras. I'm also probably going to get a small school of panda cories and some more upside-down catfish.
    How would this be: 10 Tiger barbs, 8 Hatchet fish, 8 neons (maybe multiple variations), 5 panda cories, and 5 upside-down cats. Maybe, more or less, I'm just wondering if they would all be fine together.
    Also, I'm debating on whether to get a wet/dry or sump or a canister.. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Sumps are pretty good if you got the room. Cannisters are probably a bit easier since you buy them ready made.

    I'm not familair with upside down cats but I am familiar with tiger barbs, neons and hatchets.

    Hatchets are rather shy fish that need some floating plants. Neons are relaxed and easy.Tiger barbs... are not relaxed. They're boisterous, rowdy and loud.
    I apologize for being the bearer of bad news but I think if you mix this you'll see not that much of your neons and you'll start losing hatchets to jumping.

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    Tiger Barbs aren't really community fish and are going to seriously limit what you plan on stocking in this tank... Maybe you'd be better off leaving the Barbs where they are now, if it's a suitable sized tank, and starting fresh on the 90g?

    Otherwise if you stick with the tigers -- hatchets and neons are out, anything slow or with long fins are out, cories tend to be targeted pretty badly by nippers IME so they're out. Upsidedown cats could work though, a group of 4-6 could work as they like a loose group. Be aware that they are pretty reclusive and you probably won't see them too much.

    Your best bet would to be increase the size of the Barb school and just have a barb tank with a few tough inhabitants who can stand up to the bullying. You could have some regular Tigers, some albino/golden tigers and some green/moss tigers. There's also a platinum tiger variation which is pretty new.

  4. Default

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    Okay, well that's fine. Maybe I could just stock my 45 gal with mostly just barbs. They may be obnoxious and rude, but I love how playful they are.
    Even if none of the other fish do....
    Is there anything that would go well with them? Some serpaes, loaches, and maybe a pleco? Ahhh, I don't know. They're not of my most concern, I can just leave them in the tank they're in because they seem fine.
    But how about instead of having the tigers, maybe some longfin zebra danios? If nothing else, I'd be happy with just a shoal of hatchets, tetras, and corys.
    Also, ameliaaahx - thanks for the tip, although I've had some upsidedown cats before, and I just like watching them head off to their favorite hiding spaces each morning. However, why is aqadvisor telling me that they're too aggressive for tetras and hatchets? I've never really heard of them being aggressive before...

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    Aquadvisor is wrong sometimes.

    If you like tiger barbs then go for it. They're nice fish with personality .Mixing 3 colours might look nice, the barbs themselves will not mind. Just know that tank mates shouldn't have long fins or delicate temperaments.

    A lot of bottom dwellers will hide if the barbs get annoying, some of the bigger more robust ones will be fine.

    A "pleco" might or might not work, that depends on what you mean by that word.

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    Hmm I've never heard of upsidedown cats being aggressive. However, at full size they may start to view small Tetras as snacks.

    How about making it a semi aggressive community, if you decide to go with the barbs:
    - 20ish Tiger Barbs (mix of regular, gold, platinum and green)
    - 6 Loaches (Polka Dot or Yoyo Loaches should be able to stand up to the Tiger's boisterous play and you'll love how active they are)
    - 3 Bristlenose Ancistrus
    - maybe a cichlid of some kind to add a little personality, like a single severum, firemouth or blue acara.

    ... and then your 45g would be free for some small community fish like hatchets, neons and panda cories.
    Last edited by Amelia; 03-02-2013 at 12:31 PM.

  7. Default

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    Use the 45 for a all tiger barb tank, those look great and are a load of fun to watch.

    Just an FYI the upside down cats get pretty big, the rest of the fish you are talking about stocking are mostly small... just a thought (while they look cool, may look out of place with a bunch of small fish)

    Here's my idea for you, sand, plants, some driftwood and go with
    20 neons (or cardinals)
    10 Hatchets
    15 Serpae
    10 Corys (whichever type you like, don't try to mix)
    and a bit after the tank has started developing algae add 5-10 otos :)

    My reasoning for this stock, is it will provide the focus on the beautiful plant set up, while having a few flashes of color. I'm sure 1 more school of fish could go in, but i wouldn't do platies, while mine are active, they don't seem to fit in well. Maybe swordtails (not sure there max size, but I know there are many varieties and some sell for a lot)

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    If you like Tiger barbs but not their bad reputation, there are several small barbs that are well behaved and make good community fish.

    One is the Five banded barb, they look alot like the Tiger barb but stay smaller and have none of their cousins bad habits.

    Other to consider are the Black ruby, Checker, and Cummings. They are not as easy to find as the Tiger except the Black ruby. Worth looking into as you may have more choices living in Florida. I know Segrest farms stocks alot of LFS in Florida and they carry most of ones I mentioned.
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  9. Default

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    If you nix the barbs in the 90, you could go with a tetra tank. Congos would be great in there. IME they are active but not crazy and the color is stunning - especially if you go all male. You could add some Colombian tetras and maybe some orange/red serpaes for color and flash. Sword tails would also be a good mix with them and are excellent at helping control algae on driftwood.
    You could also have a nice centerpiece fish as someone had suggested earlier - a sev, or a firemouth or a blue acara. And if you leave the serpaes out of the mix (as they can get nippy), you could even have an angel.
    Will look forward to picts when you get it stocked, regardless of what you decide :O)
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    A 90 would also allow for a good sized school of emperors.

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