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  1. Default Need help diagnosing

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    About two weeks ago i lost one of my 4 apistos suddenly, last weekend I noticed another was acting strange (hiding a lot, not eating, laying down as much as he could) so I moved him to my shrimp tank thinking he (yes turns out what appeared to be a female was a male) was just getting picked on. Well he hasn't improved, not moving unless I go to net him.

    Now my other male in the tank seems to be starting down the same path. Female seems fine though

    Water Params are:

    Temp: 78 F
    Amm: 0
    Nitrate: 0
    Nitrite: 0
    pH is around 7.6 (haven't checked lately)

    Have been doing water changes about 25-30% weekly

  2. #2


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    Nitrate 0 seems strange. Is it heavily planted?

  3. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    yes, heavy nitrate hogs (hygro's) and a lot of them

    Trust me, can't get the nitrates to go up if I tried

  4. #4


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    So we can rule out a basic crash. How's the gourami? What if anything was changed the last 2 months?

  5. Default

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    Gourami seems ok, has always been the one to back down, even the female apisto chases him..

    a few weeks ago I moved the one piece of driftwood around trying to get shrimp out of the 55, since then thats where the males are hiding (like they are starving themselves waiting to eat a shrimp)

    the female is a bit yellow and seems to be defending 1 of the coconuts (but I haven't seen signs of eggs)

    I added 6 young healthy cory sterbai that a friend had quarantined for me after I got them at a local auction

    Those are the only things I have done to the tank in the past month (other than feed and pwc)

  6. #6


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    Any idea if those sterbai were wild caught or captive bred? Did your friend treat these against internal parasites?

  7. Default

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    Believe they were captive bred locally, and no didn't treat for parasites... could that be the issue, if so how could I go about treating?

  8. #8


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    It's a possibility. Honestly, not very likely with captive bred but since your fish don't show any classic sickness symptoms (at least, you're not mentioning them) and poisoning is unlikely otherwise the rest would have been affected as well. How do your zebras and cherries look? Especially in the belly areas.

    As to meds, I'm sorry, I am not at all familiar with the US market.

  9. Default

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    The zebras and cherrys don't seem to have changed, every once in awhile a cherry will isolate itself, but then after a day they are all back together.

    I have noticed long poop coming from one of the platys, and even the gourami, but haven't seen it in awhile

  10. Default

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    Just was reading that Seachem Polyguard may be a good treatment for the tank... has anyone used this? I am guess I need to remove my seachem purigen from the filter prior to using this.

    Hopefully a LFS will stock this near me

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