Hello all,
I am cycling my tank without fish. At this stage I have ammonia dropping from 3ppm to 0.25ppm in 24 hours, and 5+ppm nitrite and 5ppm nitrate. So I believe I have beneficial bacteria to convert ammonia to nitrite, and am just starting to establish beneficial bacteria to convert nitrite into nitrate. However, the problem I am having is that ammonia will drop quickly to 0.25ppm, but even after another 12-24 hours waiting, the levels arent dropping any lower than 0.25ppm. the first ammonia drop in my cycling went to 0ppm, i dosed back to 3ppm. then from then onwards they have dropped to 0.25ppm and stayed there. the last few doses I have dosed back up to 3ppm even though the level only went down to 0.25 not 0ppm, despite me leaving it a day to drop from 0.25 to 0. It races from 3ppm to 0.25, but seems to stall and not go fully down to 0. What is happening?!?! why wont my ammonia reach 0?
I use the API master freshwater liquid test kit, with throughly washed test tubes, i vigorously shake the bottles before dropping and follow instructions carefully and also give the test tubes a hard shake so it cannot be faulty test results. What am i doing wrong?