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    Default Stocking pearl gourami

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    I am considering housing pearl gourami in my 100L/26g aquarium.
    However, I have no gourami experience and I was wondering if it would be best to just house one pearl gourami or include a pair? And with this in mind, my tank is a community tank with peaceful species (neon tetra, endler's livebearers, corydoras and possibly in future some red cherry shrimp), if one solo gourami is the best way to go, would a male or a female better suit its tankmates? or, if a pair is better, should it be two females, two males, or a male and a female??

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    Here's a website with lots of good information about them:,d.cGE

    IME; I never had a problem keeping more than one but your tanks a little on the small side for two.
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    In my opinion, a 26 gallon tank will not be able to house a pearl gourami long term. Please keep in mind that this species will easily exceed 4 inches in good conditions. Alongside that, I believe that an adult pearl gourami might view male endlers and endler fry as food, and almost definitely will eat or at least Harass cherry shrimp.

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    Speaking from experience, you might have trouble keeping a single pearl in a 26 gallon with smaller, peaceful community fish... I kept two (male/female) in a 55 gallon with hardy boesemani and red rainbows and even that was pushing it as the pearls eventually got aggressive when it came to feeding time with their tankmates; I had to rehome the pearls after about a month of that setup when the aggression elevated from only periodical to often and very scary. Also keep in mind you won't be able to keep cherry shrimp in the same tank as anabantoids are notorious shrimp eaters.

    If you want to skip on the cherries I would suggest some sparkling or chocolate gouramis for your tank (one or the other). I've kept both in the past, and they are generally peaceful enough with other peaceful tankmates (I've housed them with rummy nose tetras, dwarf cories, endlers, galaxy rasboras, etc.) if provided with at least a 20 gallon setup to establish their territories. Also, lots of plants and pristine water are a must if you plan on keeping any of the smaller gourami species.

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    Minimum tank length for a pearl gourmami is 36".

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    IMO that tank is too small for a Platinum.

    With Gourami, the rule is generally 1-per-tank as they are known to be pretty territorial.

    A single Dwarf Gourami, Colisa lalia, may be more suited to your tank. They come in a large of lovely colours and are suitable for smaller tanks.

    Alternatively, I really like the diminutive Golden Honey Gourami. I one with Neons and Kuhli Loaches in my very first tank, about the same size as yours. They are very cute, and if you were able to successfully sex some you would be able to keep a small group of 1 male to 2-3 females.

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