Hi everybody - I have a 125 gallon tank that I've had set up for over a week now, and a few days ago I noticed the tank looked cloudy. I stepped back a few feet and the tank looked crystal clear. When I moved close again it began to lkook cloudy. When I got up real close, I could see that it's millions of tiny bubbles (I think they're bubbles, anyway) circulating through the tank making it look cloudy.

I have two filters on the tank, a Fluval FX5 and an Aquatop CF-500. I have a couple of air bubblers, but neither of them are anywhere near the intakes for either filter. Just to rule it out, I turned off the air pump for a few hours, but nothing changed. I could see that the concentration of bubbles was higher at one end of the tank than the other (the side with the FX5). If I get up close I can see the bubbles coming out of the output from the FX5.

My question is this: Is there any way to tell how air is getting into the filter (or if that's what the problem is)? The connectors for the intake and outputs are well below the water line. I've taken the hoses off of the canister and taken the lid off and put it all back together....still the same. I did the same with the Aquatop just to cover all of my bases, so now I'm pretty much out of answers. anybody have any similar issues? Any ideas for a fix?

It's not a problem right now, as the tank is cycling and I don't have any fish in it yet, but I'd like to address it now while I have time to deal with it. Thanks in advance for any help/ideas!

I'll try and get some photos of it tomorrow if I can...