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  1. Default Need your advice on new fish to get for my 50 gal tank

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    Hello. I haven't been on this forum in a few years but got a lot of help when building my tank. It is a 50 gallon wide planted tank with a couple pieces of driftwood. Right now it has the following:

    1 pearl gourami
    4 harlequin rasboras
    2 black neon tetras
    3 sterbai corys
    1 bristlenose pleco
    many many many red cherry shrimp!

    I had more than that originally but some died over 3 or 4 years. I had 3 pearls initially but two died within the first month, and I used to have 6 each of the harlequins and tetras, 4 sterbai, 4 otos, and a bamboo shrimp.

    Since there aren't too many fish in there now, I would love to hear some opinions on some fish to add. Maybe something different, something to add more color, maybe a couple bigger ones too since the pearl is the only big one (more gouramis maybe?). I definitely want another bamboo shrimp because that looked pretty cool in there, but other than that I am open to hear your ideas. And of course nothing that will not get along with what I have in there now. Here is a picture of the tank as it looks now

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    I would leave the gourami to himself. I'd up the number of the rasboras and tetra's to ten and add 2 or 3 more cory's.

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    Most obvious solution. Alternative, up one of the species to a bigger shoal and see about rehoming the rest.

    What's the water values?

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    first of all, I love the tank it looks great. I agree with the earlier posts, I think increasing the school size of the tetras, corys and rasboras would look great. Not sure but I think gourami can get aggressive to each other/other species of gourami, so i would leave that.
    I love black ghost knifefish, they are amazing to watch, swim in every possible direction, up, down, forwards, backwards, everything. i would have one in a heartbeat if my tank was large enough to house one. they do get fairly big, up to a foot long perhaps even a foot and a half in some instances, but 50 gallons should be enough space :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pckroeger View Post
    , but 50 gallons should be enough space :)
    Sorry but NO!! A 50 gallon is 36 inches long. 12 inch is very common for this species so you'd restrict it to a tank which it can hardly swim. Add to that the fact that it's a predator. Once it grows it will eat pretty much everything else in that tank.

    It's a fascinating species but difficult to find tank mates for and to do it properly you'd need a 125 gallon at the very, very least.

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    apologies, talldutchie & dman, i was wrong!

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    Word of friendly advice. Don't let your love for a particular species cloud your judgement.

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    sorry! ill try not to in future. got that info off this site shows you cant trust every website huh?

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    No... in fact there's more wrong with that website.

    For the clown loach they recommend 50 gallons as well and yet they state:

    Since the Clown Loach can grow to an impressive size of nearly 1 foot in length, it should be housed in larger freshwater systems

    They also forget to mention that it needs a group.
    Pretty much all of their big fish listings and quite a few others have unrealistic tank sizes.

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    That live aquaria site sells fish. Advice from any site that is trying to sell you anything should be taken with doubt and thoroughly researched.

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