Thanks again everyone! The 10,000K truly could be big trouble...I am surprised that it is not. I have the BGA issue, that's it. Not much of any other type of algae except BBA which is easily controlled with even a little excel. The BBA showed up early in the game, and I haven't seen it for months. I was expecting a disaster, but no disaster yet, and that's with root tab ferts(in addition to regular liquid flourish added) leaking into the water column due to that crappy gravel. I hope to ease up on some of the ferts now that I'll have decent substrate.

OH - I didn't mention that I modded the light quite a bit. Of the 36 total LEDs, I blocked out about 8 of them, and turned six into red or green lights (via electrical tape, so this may be just humorous and not at all effective), so the light doesn't really function the way it's meant to. It is definitely not the blinding reef light I see on salt tanks.

Also - I will reduce my WC schedule from 100% to about 70% if possible...I'm not real scientific about it. I am beginning to realize that my obsessive cleaning doesn't really accomplish anything but take up a lot of time. And I get frustrated, carrying bucket after bucket. But, with that said, IDK how people could do once a month water changes...holy hormone buildup batman!