Hello all,
I have a 100L tank I am currently cycling without fish. I would like to house red cherry shrimp in the tank and after some research I would like to try and grow some java moss for the shrimp (There are currently no live plants in the tank, just artificial plants). The tank is about halfway through cycling (nitrites have appeared but no nitrates), and I just was wondering if it was better to add the java moss now or after the tank is fully cycled? I am aware that plants absorb the chemicals used for a fishless cycle so wil the java moss ruin/affect my fishless cycle by removing the chemicals in the water that i need to grow beneficial bacteria? But I also thought it would be better for the moss to be settled and anchored by the time fish/shrimp are added, am I right in thinking this? Sorry for the ignorance I am just very new to live plants in an aquarium!