Hey all, as you may know, I am in the process of planning and setting up my new 90 gallon aquarium. The main purpose of this tank will be to house Denison barbs. I haven't decided on all of the other stocking, but I'm leaning towards some kind of tetra school, some cories and a peaceful cichlid or two.
Today at my LFS I saw that they had a single gbr. He was the most beautiful, healthiest, brightest gbr I've ever seen in person and on sale for $3. I'm not going to lie, I almost had my first impulse buy. I managed contain myself though.
Here are my questions. Will a gbr do well in a community tank with the basic stocking scheme I've outlined? Do they need to be kept in pairs?
Denisons are listed in the temperature range of 15 - 25 and gbrs at 25.5 - 29.5. Is that a potential problem?
If a gbr would work well in my tank, do you think I could buy this one that I saw today and keep him in the ten gallon while I complete a fishless cycle on my 90? He would be in there with 6 neons and some shrimp. Would he eat my shrimp? He's about the size of a quarter or maybe a little smaller.