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    Exclamation Can Livebearer fry get CAMALLANUS?!

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    Does anyone know if live bearer fry can get camallanus worms? Specificly platies. My community tank has these fricken worms and it really sucks!! I have three female platies the are going to drop fry any day this week and one of them dropped fry about 3 weeks ago. How do you tell if fry have the worms and will the mother be able to even give birth to them and will they be infected as soon as they come out? The 3 platies that are about to pop arent showing the big signs yet but i know they are infected. Only 2 smaller females actually have worms coming out of their anus but they all still eat fine! I ordered some LEVAMISOLE and FENBENDAZOLE this weekend when i first seen the symptoms and that stuff should be here by the end of the week. I plan on soaking freeze dried blood worms in the FEND med then feeding them the medicated BW and put the LEVA med right in the water. Does that sound like a treatment that will work or should i feed them both kind of meds in their food? I really need help on this and my fish will thank you!! Any kind of advice will help! Also should i treat my fry tank with the 1 month old fry in it and my betta tank too? I hear that crap spreads real fast but im not sure how eaisly it spreads!! PLEASE someone help my fish!!!
    Last edited by KingFisher; 02-26-2013 at 02:32 PM.

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    Levamisole will do the trick, i had these nasty things about 2 years ago come in my guppies. Levamisole in the labelled dosage straight into the water did the trick. As soon as you put it in you see the fish start to poo. Make sure that you re treat in the required dosage to because the lava can survive in the water column for a period of time.

    As for the fry not 100% sure but i wouldn't remove them for treatment. They are pretty hardy and better to be sure they arn't infected than reintroducing the pest later.
    6ft Australian Fresh water turtle tank - 2 macleay river turtles, numerous guppy at varying stages of development.

    5ft 150gal planted discus tank - 8 discus, 10 cardinal tetras, 10 rummnose, 6 albino cories, and breeding RCS in tank sump and just about everywhere everything done from scratch, filtration and stand tank
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    Plus 1 to the above. Cammallanus is a tough worm. It is best to do a water change and gravel vac after the dosage to pull out the larvae. Wait maybe 4 to 8 hours. I like to use the levamisole in the feed because it gets right to the worm but sometimes the fish stop eating because of this worm. I redose a few weeks later to get the next life cycle of the pests too. These worms hook into the gut of the fish and parasite the blood. They can puncture the intestine and if they do a secondary bacterial infection occurrs. If the fish bloats or swells it has a secondary infection. In this case a treatment of both positive and negative anti biotics may help save the fish. Once bloating occurrs it gets difficult to save the fish though.

    Use one med or the other. In my experience the two meds do not mix well and I have had fish become severely disoriented and suspect it was a reaction to the presence of both meds at once. I would use the levamisole in the feed. This has been most effective. Be persistent.

    If you have the feed, feed the entire collection of your fishes on it to do a general scrub, it's everywhere. Repeat in a month. You'll win if the fish are eating.
    Last edited by Indian Woods Angels; 02-26-2013 at 02:16 PM.

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    For some reason my lev med hasn't came yet but my fenben one came and i have been putting the whole 250mg packet into 1tablespoon of water and soaked flake and freeze dried blood worms and soak it For 30+ mins and feed them a lil of the food and then just dump the whole works in the tank. Im on my 3 dose and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Do i need a stronger dose? Its a 20 gallon tank. Should i use 2 packets or can i give each fish a bath in it? Im just using it till my lev med gets here. I sure hope someone knows!!

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    Know little on your problem (did learn a lot from the excellent posts here) but I do know that a bath, for internal parasites, is worthless: fresh water fish do not 'drink' water. That type of treatment just will not work at all because zero med will get into them that way. Also, exposing fish to weak treatments is far worse than no treatment - the fish are stressed for no purpose and the worms can get resistant to the meds.
    Knowledge is fun(damental)

    A 75 gal with eight Discus, fake plants, and a lot of wood also with sand substrate. Clean up crew is down to just two Sterba's Corys. Filters: continuous new water flow; canister w/UV, in-tank algae scrubber!! Finally, junked the nitrate removal unit from hell.

    For Fishless cycling:

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    im going to start a new thread with help on dosage of levamisole, i need help with the dosage.

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    keep this thread here because some of the people who can help you have already replied. What are your questions on the dosage. Also cermet is right the full dosage is required for these pests especially.
    6ft Australian Fresh water turtle tank - 2 macleay river turtles, numerous guppy at varying stages of development.

    5ft 150gal planted discus tank - 8 discus, 10 cardinal tetras, 10 rummnose, 6 albino cories, and breeding RCS in tank sump and just about everywhere everything done from scratch, filtration and stand tank
    journal @

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    Fenbendazole did not work well on the camallanus that I had. Levamisole was effective but that is because it relaxes the hooks in the gut and the worms are able to be passed out. I had some snails in the tank and the got so loosey goosey that the shells were dragging way behind them. I have tried a bunch of different things including praziquantel, dylox, and metallics to rid fish of this pest. The best thing has been a feed of levamisole. Angelsplus wormer flake # 3 worked for me. Be careful with these chemicals in handling them. Many warn against getting the powder on your skin hands and eyes. The AP flake is easy to use. Do a search on google for national fish pharmaceuticals, they may have some dosing advice on this. Their dylox product was ineffective though.

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    i have looked at a few sites like the loaches and imkr one. The levamisole is a baggies with 10grams of powdered medicine in it. I dont have a scale so i was wondering if there was a way to measure the stuff out with a teaspoon or tablespoon, something like that. Even if it is a double batch or something. I just dont want to go dumping the crap in and crossing my fingers and have it be too little or overdose my fish on levamisole.

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    I use the food because of that. There are several sources of product. I'm not sure if this has to be dissolved or not, there is a product they place into vodka to dissolve. I'm not sure if it is Levamisole. I use the food. Usually if they don't eat they are not going to make it. Where did you get your levamisole. Maybe we can find out how to apply it.

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