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  1. Default

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    what colors are you breeding?? im going for HB Blue
    i need some better way to keep the adults from eating the babies though, or maybe its the filter...
    i have a lot of plastic plants and a castle with holes

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    hahaaaa BombDame!! You managed to find my old thread from my first account, I'm impressed, I couldnt find it when I looked.

    The guppy breeding has come to a slow halt, still havnt sold the first batch of fry.
    I'm planning on picking it up again soon, when I have the tank space.

    Originally I was going for a lime green sort of colour, and that was the only goal I set myself, didnt care about finnage size or pattern, just wanted that lime green colour. I actually managed to achieve this pretty quickly so now I'm not sure wether I want to refine those green guppies for pattern and tail shape etc. or to just start making random combos and see what I come up with. The yellow snakeskin has passed away so it makes it a little harder.

    Best way to save babies in with plants IMO, maybe you need a few more plastic plants. something like Asian Ambulia seems to work well in my tanks, or java moss.

  3. Default

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    Maybe some java would do the trick.
    do u have any pics of.them???
    Aw that sucks. My lfs will go me credit for any fish I bring in. I a score of fancy black and blue. The store told me thwy could order blue Moscow's. I think im gonna do it
    I saw some black Moscow's today. Fins 3x larger than any guppy ive seen

  4. Default

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    Yeah my LFS will do that too but they only pay like 5C a guppy or something silly so I'm waiting until I have to take my angels back.
    I'd be interested to see what sort of fry you get from that mix.

    are you after pics of the fish or of the tanks? I dont think I have many of either aha

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    that is a crappy fish store. what do they sell them for may i ask unless they are thinking most of them won't survive to make it to be sold.

    My LFS will take most fish at about 8 weeks or so (sort of like a puppy I guess...). I suppose this is to make sure they have the best shot of surviving in their tanks to be sold. But with that he gives me half the price in which he sales them for. I can take it as cash or in store credit.
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    Yeah it is a terrible deal, The store I frequent said I probably woulnt even get one pot plant for 40 odd guppies ranging from 2 - 3cm. For every other species I believe its half the price they will sell them for, but only in store credit.

    A bloke I know works there and he says it's because they import specific strains from asia (kinda odd seeing as they just chuck em all in M and F tanks at the store :S) and they will often just refuse to take guppies if they dont have the room.

    It is a bit annoying, I plan on trying a couple other stores again soon.

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