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  1. Default casual selective guppy breeding

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    had my second batch of guppy fry yesterday, about 30 new additions.
    im interested in semi casual selective breeding and want your opinion on how i can best achieve this with the tanks i have.

    i currently have a 35 gallon community tank containing 6 adult guppies (4F 2M), 2 bristlenose's and buenos aires tetras, a seimese algae eater, and a red tailed shark.
    a 20 gallon tank im housing cherry shrimp the 30 odd new fry and 10 maturing guppies that have only just started to get colour in their back fins
    i have a 10 gallon tank set up without any fish yet
    and a segmented tank with three sections, all 4 gallons, without any fish
    and a small gallon or two tank without fish

    i was thinking of displaying the best males and females in the community tank or maybe the 10 gallon
    20 gallon grow out tank
    selected breeding pairs in the segmented tank
    and new fry in the gallon tank?

    lettuce know what you think

  2. Default

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    i have come up with better idea of what ill do

    ill put a virgin and a male into two of the segments
    take out the male after a day or two and hope one of the pairs was successfully pregnated
    catch the female after she has dropped the resulting fry and move her into the community tank where ill keep all the adult males. but only if theres a good female/male ratio, if not move them back to the "virgin" female tank until theres enough "hit" females for a good ratio in the commmunity tank.
    wait for the fry to mature more and then ill move them into the 20 gallon tank which will be my grow out tank where they will grow until i can identify gender.
    then ill move to males to the community tank and females to the virgin tank.
    and repeat

    im not sure what ill do about culling, the females with the males in the community tank i probably wont bother removing when pregnant so they'll be eaten but i know ill be over run quickly without culling some of the others i breed.
    ideally id like to keep all the fry until i can see what colours they throw out so if you have a better way of setting up let me know, without buying another tank at the moment.

  3. Default

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    Hi, Phisher,

    I'm not sure from your second post what you are looking to do but this is how I would do it:

    First i would get rid of any non-virgin females as you won't be able to tell who's offspring they will lay (guppy females can store sperm after the first insemination to allow multiple broods to be produced).

    Then all females would go into the 35 gallon (as it is the largest tank allowing for more growth, the bigger the female the more offspring they will produce, therefore the higher chance of getting offspring with the desired traits).

    All males would go into the 10 gallon to avoid contact with females.

    The breeding would take place in the segmented tank between desired male and female following your plan of removing the male after a few days and then the female after she has spent all of her offspring.

    The male will go back to the 10 gallon and the female back to the 35 gallon (the female may then produce another batch when back in the 35 gallon after around 28 days, this can be left to natural culling first and then any surviving fry can be harvested and put into the 20 gallon tank).

    The fry laid in the segmented tank would be moved to the 20 gallon tank for ongrowing and the 20 gallon tank would act as a sorting area (i would feed the fry for around a week in the segmented tanks before attempting to move them, this will give them a better survival).

    Once in the 20 gallon they can be grown on until they are identifiable as male and female where they can be moved to the according tank (the 35 gallon for females, the 10 gallon for males).

    Once colours fully develop you can choose the fish you want for second generation breeding and the rest can be taken to the local aquatic shop where you can either swap them for shop credit, for other females and males to enhance your gene pool or in most cases for nothing (as they are doing you a favour and saving you killing the fry).

    Factors to think about:
    Try and avoid selecting siblings for future breeding as this can lead to weak genes and therefore high deformities and mortality (very hard when selective breeding on a small scale).

    Also larger fry will out compete smaller fry for food, this can be an issue however you will be looking at desirable traits such as competitive feeding and fast growth as well as the obvious colours so pick the largest strongest fish that have the colours you want.

    Virgin females will grow quicker as they aren't expending extra energy to produce their offspring and all energy they have can be concentrated on growth.

    Main thing would be to limit the amount of breeding fish you keep and move parents on after they have given you the offspring you need, this way you won't get confused and inbreed them as much.

    I hope this has helped in one way or another, selective breeding livebearers on a small scale can be tricky as you can't mix sexually mature males and females as they will breed at random and you can't keep track of pregnancies and parents like you can in egg layers.


    P.S This is the second time i've typed this out as the first time the forum messed up and i lost it all, it was definitely written better first time as well :P
    75 Litre (20 Gallon) - 5 Harlequins, 6 Cories, 2 Golden Barbs, 1 Glowlight, 2 Red Wag Swords (Male and Female), 4 Otos

    113 Litre (30 Gallon) - Empty (Waiting to build a stand before i use it)

    60 Litre Hex - Empty

  4. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Also if the 20 gallon fry ongrowing tank and the segmented breeding tank don't need to look pretty for display purposes it is best to leave them without a substrate, this would allow for easier cleaning and food management :)
    75 Litre (20 Gallon) - 5 Harlequins, 6 Cories, 2 Golden Barbs, 1 Glowlight, 2 Red Wag Swords (Male and Female), 4 Otos

    113 Litre (30 Gallon) - Empty (Waiting to build a stand before i use it)

    60 Litre Hex - Empty

  5. Default

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    The plan sort of depends upon what variety you have. What variety you want to create. Some types need to cross and outcross to certain other types that need to be maintained in addition to what you have. I tried to do albino reds and needed to do like 4 other types to keep the colors correct on them. Guppies can become really complicated. Yeesh.

  6. Default

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    thanks for the responses.

    im looking to create a light green variety of guppy. ive been looking at the guppy genetics colour charts and according to them an orange guppy consists of yellow and red dominant pigmentation. so a green would be yellow and blue right? so if i mix fish that show dominent blue and yellow ill increase my chances of coming out with a green right? and a lighter green would need more yellow?

  7. Default

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    A brilliant book that i've learnt a lot from is 'Sex, Color and Mate Choice In Guppies' by Anne E. Houde, it is a very scientific book referencing lots of scientific journals, a very good source for information :)
    75 Litre (20 Gallon) - 5 Harlequins, 6 Cories, 2 Golden Barbs, 1 Glowlight, 2 Red Wag Swords (Male and Female), 4 Otos

    113 Litre (30 Gallon) - Empty (Waiting to build a stand before i use it)

    60 Litre Hex - Empty

  8. #8


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    Thats not a chinese algae eater is it?! Id watch that thing with your preg gups, i had a CAE murder 3 different female platys that i had that were dropping fry during the night. I didnt catch him doing it untill it tried to get a fourth one! They do it at night when they are laying on the gravel dropping their fry, i couldnt figured out why my preg females kept dieing during birth and then after i got rid of it i have not lost a single one and have a whole bunch of fry that im going to be doing the same as you but with platys! Making your our colors is fun and i would only recommend it if you have homes for the fry you dont want! If your LFS wont buy them then ask for store credit or just donate them to the store.

  9. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    thanks harry ill have to check it out.

    kudd, its a seimese algae eater, also known as a seimese flying fox, i havnt had any deaths yet but thanks for the tips none the less. will definitely find good homes for the guppies dont you worry :)

    Does anything know about mixing guppy colours? more specifically to make a green?

    i guess ill do a quick update, im currently waiting on sponge filters and heaters i bought off ebay for the 3 segment tank, i have made moss walls in each segment and will probably plant some crypts or cacomba? (not sure what the plant i have is but it looks like cacomba)

    cherry shrimps are mating like crazy, lots of them carrying eggs, going to eventually move some to the other tanks, havnt found any dead fry yet

    just rearranged the 35 gal with more rocks and hiding places, trimmed some plants from the fry tank and planted them in the 35 gal, i bought one of those disposable co2 spray can things, seems to be doing ok but i need to buy myself some flourish excel and kill some algae.

    10gal tank has one cherry shrimp with eggs, need to kill off algae here too

    going to be moving guppies around when i get the filters and then it will really begin.
    im hoping my bistlenose catfish in the 35gal will breed soon, the environment is good and the male chases the female all day so im hoping soon somethign will happen. shes still looking skinny though.

  10. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    so i have now set up my heaters and filters in the segmented tank., i have moved 2 F guppies, each about 2.5cm long, into two of the segments, just prefecting the water temperature now but all around 26-27 celcius. moved the 5 M guppies of the same length to my "community" tank.

    next step; wait for females to mature, and add my yellow/green guppy and then wait :/, gonna be a looong process

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