had my second batch of guppy fry yesterday, about 30 new additions.
im interested in semi casual selective breeding and want your opinion on how i can best achieve this with the tanks i have.

i currently have a 35 gallon community tank containing 6 adult guppies (4F 2M), 2 bristlenose's and buenos aires tetras, a seimese algae eater, and a red tailed shark.
a 20 gallon tank im housing cherry shrimp the 30 odd new fry and 10 maturing guppies that have only just started to get colour in their back fins
i have a 10 gallon tank set up without any fish yet
and a segmented tank with three sections, all 4 gallons, without any fish
and a small gallon or two tank without fish

i was thinking of displaying the best males and females in the community tank or maybe the 10 gallon
20 gallon grow out tank
selected breeding pairs in the segmented tank
and new fry in the gallon tank?

lettuce know what you think