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    its from ebay, i put a little tiny bit in earlier today but it seemed like nothing, i read on a site to take 1/4 teaspoon and dump it out and take a razor blade and make ten even piles so i put two of the piles in like 1/2 tablespoon of water and put some flakes and freeze dried bloodworms in it and let them soak for a half hour and dumped the whole works in the tank and that was like at 3pm central time. They are pooping alot but i still see those dang worms hanging out two of the bad ones and the worms are still red so i doubt it working. I did take most of the carbon out of my filter but its hard to get each rock out cuz its a marineland penguin sealed filter. I just got that tank cycled too..errr... i did just take samples and tested them. .0am,.0no2,.10-20 no3 and like 8 ph. There is 4 ghost shrimp in there but they dont seem to be bothered by the meds. One question i have is would it be safe to move the 15 few day old fry and put them in my other tank with the 15 1 month old platy/swordtail hybrid fry. The new ones are just sitting in a HOB breeder box on the 20 gallon tank. Sorry if that was alot to read. By the way the person i bought that med from said i will get 5 doses outa 10grams, that what make me think it wasnt enough..

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    Most likely not enough medication. The frustrating thing about these worms is that it is very hard for the fish to pass them. In cases where there is a big clump of worms hanging out of the anus those fish rarely do recover. If they do those are the fish that are very difficult to purge of the worms. These worms are just one large ovary with a set of hook teeth. They send out a lot of eggs that develop into larvae. By medicating you are relaxing the ability of the worm to stay hooked into the fish. Even if you do not get the worms to release from those fish you are still vacuuming the gravel etc and removing the larvae so that further infestation will not occur. It's not a 100% curable pest but you should at least be able to stop it's life cycle so you will not have to deal with it. You will have to medicate gain in a couple of weeks to get those larvae that get missed. My bio did not get hit that hard by this medication. I have heard that shrimp may survive this. My snails actually did survive Levamisole. I destroyed all of them because I think they were the carriers of the larvae. They were ramshorns, a pest snail in my tanks so not a loss.

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    I think the only way i am going to get a accurate dose is to go into one of those tobacco shops and get one of those gram scales that people use for illicit purposes. Doesnt seem like anyone know how i can get a good enough dose with just teaspoons and what not. I have been talking to charles at that imrk website and he said if i can get it into 5grams to dump 10 tablespoons of water into 5 grams of lev med that each tablespoon of that water will treat 10 gallons. So im going to have to get a scale for that purpose unless someone knows how i can do it without a scale. My fish i noticed after i gave them a dose yesterday are really pooping alot and they are still eating but the only two fish that actually showed worms still have them hanging out. The little orange one who i think brought it into the tank has always been really small and its a bummer cuz i really wanted to mate her and get some really neat looking platies. She is a MM highfin tiger platy. She has always been small and i think the worms stunted her growth and im not sure if she will ever grow. She has always been small and skinny so i think she was the carrier. I can see if i can get a picture of her if you want. Pretty sure the ghost shrimp are thriving cuz even through the medications they have molted and all 3 realeased baby shrimp but i doubt the survived cuz thats live food! Another question i really need answered is can i put my 4 day old fry into my fry tank with my 1 month old fry? The mother of the one month old fry is in the tank with the callamanus worm so im sure they have it but i dunno how to dose a 1 gallon tank with just fry, i want to move them all to my bigger 5 gallon fry tank but i dont want to keep infecting tank after tank with this crap! So would it be safe to move the baby fry over to the fry tank or should i hold off and keep in the HOB (hang on back) breeder box, the breeder box does mix the water in the main tank to the box.

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    Great now i just witnessed two of my ghost shrimp attacking one of the smaller weakened platys that is trying to poop out worms or is either dieing so i put her and the other platy that are showing worms into a breeder box that fits inside of the tank so they dont get ate by the fricken shrimp! They ate some of her tail!! I have never seen a ghost shrimp do that! They are usually the ones getting ate!! So if the worms are hanging farther out the normal does that mean the med is working and the are paralised?

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