I have HAD it with my local fish club. I joined for a place to meet people in my area who share the same interests as me but all I ever end up with is a sore head from bashing it against the wall too many times.

When I first met some of them I was shocked at how careless they all are. They don't test water, their stocking is horrendous, mixing mbuna with community fish and SA cichlids and then whinging to when their poor SA's end up with shredded fins. It is quite a common occurance for people to keep four, FOUR oscars in a 55g tank. Every tank bigger than about 2g has a common pleco in it, their tanks are obscenely overstocked with incompatible species and schooling fish not kept in schools and it's done my head in.

Today a woman was talking about her red Jewels which live with -- get this -- a Turtle. I was horrified but all I said was, "and how are your nitrates?", to which she responded that she doesn't check them. Apparently the fish were put there as feeders but never got eaten and grew to adults so she figured it must be fine since they were living. A guy at the club then confronted me, telling me he's tired of me "hassling and criticizing" people by asking them to do more than, for example, one water change a month on their horrendously overstocked tank or asking them to check their water once in a while. Apparently I am a "fish-Jew" and a know-it-all and that not everyone has to test their water. I find it difficult to understand why the laws of the nitrate system apply to me and not some other people. And, it's not hard to come off as a know-it-all when the people you're talking to seem to know nothing. Interestingly enough, this is the same guy who was keeping 3 Black Ghost Knife fish in a 45g aquarium, to which I informed him that the tank is too small for one, let alone 3. He also keeps a Giant Gourami in a 100g aquarium.

I get why they're annoyed, I am often correctly them or giving them advice they probably didn't actually want, but you don't see me asking for help every week because there's a disease outbreak in their tank again or yet another fish has been torn to bits because they've put incompatible fish together. I don't cut corners when it comes to my fish unlike some people, and apparently that makes me a fish-Jew. Yes I test my water regularly and do a lot more water changes than they do and I go by the book when it comes to stocking tanks and I quarantine, but at least then when something goes wrong I know it was out of my control because I've already done everything I can to ensure everything runs smoothly.