Hello All :)

I'm new to the forum-
I have a 39 gallon tank, and until now I've only cared for Angel fish and other cichlids, some mollies and some golden algae fish. About 6 months back, something awful got into the tank and killed everything, save the 3 red mollies.
With all this time passed and the water looking perfect for the last about 4 months, we now have 2 Pink Kissing Gouramis and 2 new golden algae eaters. The Gouramis are about 3-4 inches each, the goldens and mollies are all about or less than an inch in size.

Anyways, since we've had these gouramis for almost a week now, the bigger one chases the smaller one around ALL.THE.TIME. I've read about them "kissing" to establish dominance (amazing, right??) but the little one doesn't "kiss" back. The large one "kisses" it in the sides and fins, though rarely actually making contact. It seems to chase the other fish into the one same corner of the aquarium and keep it there. I'm worried the smaller one is being hurt or us unable to get any food, as these "kissing attacks" seem to happen after feeding. As far as I can tell they are both eating flakes, lettuce and "grazing" for algae.
This said, I have not seen the bigger one cause any visible damage, and the little guy seems to be fine (but stuck in one corner)

They were both in the same tank with 6-7 medium sized oscars when I got them, I don't know for how long though.

What I am worried about that is this bullying will eventually kill the smaller gourami. :(

As for the other fish, I honestly don't think the gourami's have even noticed them. They're all hiding in our various plants and are eating fine.

Am I going to end up with only one "kissing bully" goruami??

Thank you :)