Hi guys, just starting to get interested in aquariums and fishes.. So far i have 2 Blood parrots, 2 Pearl gouramis, 2 Pleco(albino maybe), 3 angelfishes, 2 Weird looking catfish..... The thing is, i just assume that it's a catfish because of the whiskers .. but the guy at the shop says its an eel... so i thought may be its an eel catfish maybe?? so i got some pictures and a video of them... To briefly describe them, they dwells at the bottom of the aquarium, and sometimes swims up fast for air (i guess).. they usually hides between plants.. if they didn't, their heads starts floating... some say that it's a loach, after i Google for a bit, it looks somewhat like a dojo loach.. is it a baby loach?? okay, anyhow, i very much appreciate that you guys help me identify these lovely creatures... its weird looking, and some people finds it gross (like a naked molerat..) but nonetheless i love them as much as i love the other fishes... here are some of the pictures and a video to assist you guys.. Thanks in advance..

here's the pics
Weird catfish 1.jpgWeird catfish 2.jpgWeird catfish 3.jpgWeird Catfish and A couple of Blood Parrot.jpg

a video of its behavior..

as you may see at the end, its head floats.. weird huh?