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  1. Question Who wants to be my swordtail fry coach? Any takers?

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    This is my first with live-bearers and fry, so I am going to unload..right... now: I recently converted a 10 gallon hospital tank to a birthing tank. One of my mollies were sick (of a fungal nature). He well and was released back in the main tank (29g). Over the next 2 days I did a 100% water change and replaced the filter media. My perimeters matched the main tank *thank god* because my swordtail was about to pop. After moving her, she gave birth within the hour *clapping*. However, I am worried that the vigorous cleaning (I used copper based med prior) may upset the cycle. Would it be safe to take the filter from the main tank and put it in the 10g (I cannot cram it in the filter though). Put the 10g filter in main tank's filter at intervals maybe? Hmmm... Should I do daily water changes? Can I put additives in in case of an ammonia/nitrite spike? What is your best advice (your secrets are welcome) to raise healthy swordtail fry? What I have: the basics; hood, light, filter (intake has pretty pantyhose) thermometer, the tank floor is covered with small coarse gravel borrowed entirely from the 2 yr old main tank, cave ornament (borrowed from main tank), plants, java fern is on order from LFS (not sure its necessary). But most important, whats the best way to decide mamma fish is done giving birth (she's still going). This is like cramming for finals, lol! My fellow aquarium geeks, share your wisdom!

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    Initial bioload from the fry will be very small. If you intend to do this more often spend some money on a good sponge filter and store the sponge in your main tank when not in use.

    I'd kickstart this thing with some tetra safestart. Do 10-20% changes every day for the next ten days or so.

    Have you already found a home for 2 dozen sword tails?

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    Wow, was unable to log in for some time. It appears what ever glitch was keeping me away has worked itself out and allowed me back in. Thanks for your reply talldutchie! I have thought about purchasing a sponge filter. It sounds like it is very beneficial with fry. I am glad you mentioned Safestart! I happened to have a bottle of it and was unsure if it really worked. I went ahead and used it and so far, no ammonia. I do have a home for the fish. Some will go to my neighbor, classroom and whatever I do not have a bioload for will be donated to the LFS where the mommy fish originated. They offered to pay a small amount for healthy fish, but its just for the fun of fishies. 25 babies were born and so far, I have managed to keep 'em all alive! I don't know how, but they are :) I feed them 1st bites and small pieces of algae pellets. Anyone know what is in the 1st bites? I was wondering if it was balanced well for swordtail.

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    1st bites is usually recommended for baby fish.

    You're lucky your lfs offered to pay for healthy fish.


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    Swordttails aren't that picky about their food. If you're pas tthe first 10 days good chance you can keep all of them.

    Do keep an eye out for uneaten food and syphon away what you can.

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