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    Default Fluval Chi 6.6 Gallon in progress

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    So, after a lot of debate I went and got a new tank. Not an edge like I wanted but I got a fluval chi, cause it was a) on sale and b) fits the space I had for it better. However after a couple weeks of looking over information about the Chi, I realized it's really just kind of a pretty betta bowl. :( I had wanted to try doing a well planted tank with some nano fish like celestial rasboras and maybe even a couple scarlet badis, but the lighting isn't strong enough in this tank (from others experience) to be able to grow enough plants to keep those kinds of fish happy and healthy. So I changed my idea to low light plants (so far only a java fern and a small piece of elodea) and a piece of really neat wood. The fauna is two mountain minnows and a betta. And a glolight tetra that got caught with the minnows and... will be moving to my big tank once he checks clear of any ickies.

    I was actually curious a) what people thought and b) any suggestions. About plants, setup, stocking, etc. The stocking will remain minimal. (this is minimal right? lol.) Maybe replace the tetra once he's moved with another minnow but that's like... it. Unless in a few months of the tank being established I can find some nice little cherry shrimps. Maybe... bettas love the shrimps...


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    Well... you asked for it...

    IT's a difficult tank to do anything besides shrimp only or a betta. I'd never keep whiteclouds in something which offers so little swimming space and I would not keep them in low numbers like this.

    The tank really needs more plants.

    I think if you ordered one of those clampon aquarium led lights from ebay you could do better with plants.

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    Understood. Minnows will go. However I don't want to get rid of the filter/light. I like the way it looks. So maybe an Anubias. Are there other low light plants that could go?

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    You could try pogostemon helferi for the foreground. Background... hmmm.. bacopa is worth a shot, if it fails it's cheap enough.

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    First off, really like the wood and plants. Very nice overall effect.

    You might want to get a digital thermometer (that has a tiny probe and fine fine wire) to remove that large old style thermometer affiixed in the front of the tank. Also, you could run the heater horizontally near the bottom (just above the substrate, and partly hidden by the wood/plants) and run the wire down one edge of the tank. This would both look better and heat the water more uniformly. Also, I agree that more plants would both add to the look and help process waste. Do feed the plants some liquid ferts but be hyper careful about amount. You could consider (if possible) replacing the light's 'guts' with a stronger more color correct CFL.
    Knowledge is fun(damental)

    A 75 gal with eight Discus, fake plants, and a lot of wood also with sand substrate. Clean up crew is down to just two Sterba's Corys. Filters: continuous new water flow; canister w/UV, in-tank algae scrubber!! Finally, junked the nitrate removal unit from hell.

    For Fishless cycling:

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    I understand liking the way it looks. That tank is pretty cool! I'd second the more'd do well with anubias, more java fern(I love the windelov variety), and some java moss. Do you like those marimo moss balls? Those are nice too.

    If you are going to get rid of the other fish, maybe a nerite snail or two would be fun, since IDK what else would really fit and be happy in there. But you might want to wait on those anyway, since they will need some algae or microalgae to eat, and new tanks can take a bit to develop that.
    1 - 55 gallon planted community
    3 - 10 to 20 gallon planted betta tanks
    My advice: slow down, think, and be willing to learn. Then you'll be fine, no matter what.

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    The heater itself is submersible but the little turn thingy at the top... I wonder if it'd flood if it wasn't up and down? Who knows I'll try it out :) would look better than just hanging there. How do you change out the lights? Just pull out the little leds in there and can replug some in?

    Yeah some snails will probably go in eventually. :) Idk how the algea will be with this tank we'll see. Guess I'll take a list of these ideas to my lfs sometime this week, see what's what over there!

    Thanks for the inputs :)

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