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  1. Default african butterflyfish info and extra research

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    ok so im really into african butterflyfsh ive read alot about them, ive seen them but i would like to knw if anyone knows more about them 30 gal min and to feed them smaller fish but what im wondering is; is it a fish that i need to have alone in a tank ; what kind of furnishings in the tank. thanks any extra info will help .. i dont want to buy one till i know i can take care of it properly

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    I used to keep these awesome fish. They don't have to be kept alone, but they should be the only fish that like to stay at the surface of the water. Mine were often spooked by other fish when they came up to the surface. I didn't feed mine smaller fish (at least, not on purpose, lol), but crickets were a favourite of theirs, as well as freeze dried shrimp and krill. I did notice that my neon tetras and zebra danios seemed to occasionally disappear. After never finding bodies or any sick fish, I came to the conclusion that the butterflies were eating them. But they did well with other fish. I kept them in two different sized tanks, a 30g and a 120g. I noticed that they had a harder time finding their food in the larger tank. They really appreciate floating plants and will hang out just under them all day. Many visitors to my home told me that I had a dead fish floating in the tank until I told them to go closer, lol. They only rarely went to the bottom, usually when they were stressed or afraid (like during water changes).

    All in all, they are just really cool fish. I wouldn't keep them with fin nippers though, and make sure you have a really good fitting lid. I ended up losing my male to an inch hole in the lid. I didn't even think he could fit through it. The female I lost about a year later, probably during a water change when I didn't notice her jump out. I still miss them and am determined to keep them again.

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    I should mention that when the food leaves the surface of the water and starts to sink, they will ignore it.

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    Default african butterflyfish info and extra research

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    I agree, they only eat food on the surface. I keep mine in a 75 gallon African community (non cichlid). Like was said, they hang out at the surface and are not very active. Mine eat NLS Thera A pellets while the surface tension of the water holds them up. They ate them from day one. They are cool fish, but pretty boring.
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