I've had a 45 gallon tropical freshwater aquarium running since a few years ago and I've recently had a few of my first fish die- well most of them *sniffle* I love you Milo *sniffle* For my 16th birthday I got fish from my uncle.. Angelfish. I've never had them before so my dad has been helping me research into caring for them. They're minuscule though. They're not veil. They're actually rather plain... Well I currently have 5 of my common guppies left- all females. They're the kind fishermen use as bait aha so nothing fang bout em. Just plain ol' silver plump old ladies. I also own the very rare Neon Tetra! Haha just kiddin ya know they're pretty simple fish. Well I have 10 of those. I have also 2 maybe 3/4 inch long albino bristled plecos. They're not supposed to get vey large.. I thought plecos grew to 2 feet but I don't know. Well I'd like to add some more interesting fish. I'm not really a beginner I don't assume but I'd like some pretty upper level swimming energetic community fish- rather small. Any help for anything else or vague fish tips will be very helpful also.
Thanks y'all(: