I am looking for a good quiet pump, I would like it to push about 300 GPH up 40 inches and through the filter.

I would also like it to be as quiet as possible

Bonus features would be if it had standard female US hose connections, and I think running out of the water would be better for saving space. I dont have much experience with pumps some say to over shoot, but are most pumps adjustable? Because I see they tend to just double in flow and going from say 300 GPH to 600 GPH seems like alot to me. But people also say you should over shoot. I think I could get away with less than 300 GPH. Also I cant tell if a pump is rated for a certain height if that means it will pump its GPH rating at the full height, or go faster if you are lower than that. Also I think if it is external it will need to be self priming am I right?