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Thanks for all your help, Mommies! Finally got the wee guy to eat.
You're welcome. Glad he figured it out.

I also chucked in a broken up algae tab, turned the filters off so he could eat at his leisure without the filter getting all the food and turned the light off. The hardest part for me was staying away because he'd hide whenever I approached, but from the distance I could see him hunting round for worms. He spat lots back out back I'm sure he must have got some.
I don't think you need to break up the algae wafer. I never did. He seemed to like to guard it then nibble on it on and off. Just another thought.

Interesting note that he only feeds from the very bottom where as the rest of my cichlids don't let anything get below half-way down before they hoover it up. I'll have to adapt my feeding strategy to make sure he gets enough.
That will eventually change. My EBJD now shoots to the top when I feed blood worms. He's the first one there snarfing up all the goodies. In any event, I'm glad it's going better