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Thread: Pearl Gouramis

  1. Default Pearl Gouramis

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    Not had much luck with these beautiful and peaceful fish. Bought 2 (1 m, 1 f) and all was good, then the female became very sick, eyes got very black, lost her colour and she died. Her replacement survived 3 weeks and then one morning was dead on the bottom of the tank, no physical damage, no signs of the illness the first one suffered from, replaced her and the replacement is doing well...however my big boy, my original one has had someone (possibly a serpae tetra which we shouldn't have bought) chomp his tail. He is alive, swimming poorly, hiding a lot and not really eating and being mercilessly picked on by one of the honey dwarf gouramis (funnily enough the serpae tetras have been leaving him alone).

    Since I don't have a hospital tank (although furiously trying to get one togethor; was given a free 5 gallon tank which has a small crack, am fixing it, but the silicone says it need 7 days to cure properly) I am not confident it is going to survive. Any suggestion on how to nurse him through in the meantime or is it just a case of crossing fingers?

    Many Thanks

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    I'm reposting your tank info from your welcome thread for reference:

    My partner and I have a 35 gallon tank which currently has residing in it 5 neon tetras, 2 honey dwarf gouramis, 3 harlequin rasporas (which was 4), 4 serpae tetras (which are looking for a new home), 2 bristlenose plecos and 2 pearl gouramis.

    The phrase "...mercilessly picked on by one of the honey dwarf gouramis" sent off my alarm bells, so I looked for your stock info. Gouramis do not get along with one another, unless they have a lot of space and/or a lot more females than males. You have placed too many gouramis in a space without territories for them, and aggression, injury, and death are unfortunately the expected outcome. For reference, I have three pearl gouramis in a 75 gallon tank, and I deliberately picked out three females, and it's still more aggressive at times than I would like. Four gouramis (do you know the sexes of the honeys by the way?) in a 35g are not going to work. I suggest you decide which species you like best and keep one specimen of that species... otherwise yo u're going to keep having problems.

    On a similar note your schooling fish (tetras and rasboras) need to be in larger schools to be happy. If not, well, you've seen what the serpaes are doing. I see you plan to rehome them which is good. After you do that and after you sort out your gouramis, I would recommend you get more neons and more rasboras.
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    My partner and I have a 35 gallon tank which currently has residing in it 5 neon tetras, 2 honey dwarf gouramis, 3 harlequin rasporas (which was 4), 4 serpae tetras (which are looking for a new home), 2 bristlenose plecos and 2 pearl gouramis.


    1. Was this tank cycled? Is it still cycled? Or are you following some silly manufacturer's instructions and throwing sponges away?
    2. You got two species prone to bickering and agression, the rasboras and the serpae. Both are potentially aggressive if kept in low numbers. If you'd up any species to 6 at least, preferably 8 they would keep it among themselves. In this case I'd see about getting rid of the serpae and getting at least 4 more harlequins.
    3. All of these fish do really prefer soft, slightly acidic water. What are you supplying?
    4. Gouramis like some cover, preferably plant cover. What's your decor?

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    Yes tank has cycled and noooooo definitely not throwing sponges away.

    The serpaes hassled the rasboras a lot initially and then it calmed down, but I still don't like their aggressive tendencies so am trying to rehome them, relucant to get more to be honest, but I suppose if I can't get rid of them I will have too. More rasporas will be arriving this weekend, will bring them up to 6.

    Our PH is between 6 and 6.5, GH is 0-30, and KH 0-40, Nitrates are 0 (those results are from a test done last night).

    Have a large submarine ornament, which is where the Pearls usually can be found and plants (a cabomba which is their other fave hidey). Generally the Gouramis (dwarf and pearls) leave one another well alone, its only the injured one which is being bothered.

    Ooops, ps I forgot about the two Bolivian Rams in the tank! How rude of me, they won't talk to me now :)

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    You are very densely stocked IMO.

    See about getting that wounded fish into isolation to allow it recover.

    Really plant a bit more, with all these you need the shelter. Cambomba isn't fancy but it would do the job.

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    Thanks for your advice :) One male, one female lemon, same as the Pearls. The dwarfs have been very placid and generally the two stay away from each other. There are lots of hidey holes, but I take your point, will have to make some decisions. First up, those serpae have to go!

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    Ok, we have more than the cabomba, just thats the biggest one at the moment and the pearls fave hidey place.

    I followed all the guidelines for stocking and have made sure that my cms (fully grown) per litre was not over, so I didn't think we were overstocked, will consider that though.

    Defintiely will try to get the injured one out as soon as possible.

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    Any guideline with length of fish/volume is just that, a guideline. It doesn't take into account aquarist skills nor decor needs nor temperaments.

    I know it's very tempting as a newbie to pack the tank (I've been there just like everyone else) but it would make more sense to start lightly.

    And, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you're overstocked and it's really bad selection (we see far, far, far worse here) but there is some room for improvement still.

  9. Default

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    Ok, thanks for your advice. Got rid of the Serpaes, back to the shop they came from in the end. Unfortunately the injured Pearl didn't make it; the uninjured one has a new home for now while we debate whether we try again with them. I think Pearls will have to wait until we have a much bigger tank. Upped our Rasporas to 6 for now and will need to decide what to do from here. Thanks again.

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