Hi all

My name is Craig and am 3 months into my new hobby :)

My partner and I have a 35 gallon tank which currently has residing in it 5 neon tetras, 2 honey dwarf gouramis, 3 harlequin rasporas (which was 4), 4 serpae tetras (which are looking for a new home), 2 bristlenose plecos and 2 pearl gouramis.

We're all ready talking about getting a bigger tank, well actually I'm talking about getting a bigger tank!

Learning heaps everyday, including that we probably shouldn't have bought the serpaes! Something chomped the tail of my fave pearl gourami and I have a pretty good idea what little sod it was!

Been on here for a couple of months, just reading the awesome advice and looking forward to getting to know you all. Love this hobby!