i tried using the search feature but the captcha was kickin my butt! sorry if this is old pie!

so, many months ago, i get a microworm starter, breed tons of em, get really sloppy, end up with microworms in like six tanks. since i bred them with a starter i assumed that they wouldnt breed on their own in the tanks, i admit i overfeed, but its been six months at least since i added a microworm to any tank, i let all the starters die out because everything is eating bigger food. well ive been noticing for a couple of months now that i have in almost all of my tanks, an inch or MORE in length, tons of microworms. nematodes. whateva. i know they dont live very long, ive researched a bunch about them, turns out they CAN repopulate just fine in a tank. i read a lot of stuff, but, everyone is saying a quarter inch is long for these guys. i know from the batches i kept growing that i never saw one more than a quarter inch, but now they are over an inch long, the shortest one i can find is huge compared to what im familiar with, but i guess it makes sense that i couldnt see the tiniest ones, they're tiny!

my question here is, do microworms get that long? are these microworms? they swim in the wriggly s shape, thin as a hair, white, no broad head or segments visible, i know its not planaria. i dont see multiple heads, so im assuming its not hydra, never seen a single anchorworm on any of my fish, they're all healthy. ive got a 'main' tank full of cichlids and other fish, and a 20g with a couple of electric blue crays, these tanks seem to have almost none, if any at all, of these super microworms. im assuming this is because my cichlids wont let food touch the bottom, and once food touches the bottom in my cray tank, the crays wont let anything near it, nor would it last long enough to sustain anything else. in short, they're pigs. ive got a planted tank with lazy fish full of em though, and i just had a few dozen baby albino cory cats hatch out in a 10g i had the parents in. i had relocated the parents, the 10g is now a nursery, since the young are sooo fresh they're not eating anything yet, but they definitely have TONS of microworms, which seem too big. if these are in fact microworms.

sorry this is so long, t'anks in advance folks!