I bought my first tank about 2 months ago, a 10gallon. I didn't know any better about bigger sizes and now I wish I had bought a 20 gallon.
Anyhow, I totally overstocked the tank with everything cool in the store, including goldfish!! In total I had 19 fish. The man at the store led me to believe that if I added Nutrafin cycle the tank would cycle in 24hrs!
Of course most of the fish died, and I am left with just the hardiest 4 zebra danios, 3 glow lights, and 3 fan tail goldfish. I have 5 live plants, some seem very healthy, a couple not so much. The fish contracted that parasite disease called Ich? I think. So I medicated the tank with the filter removed. Although it seems to have gotten rid of the white spots on the fish, I think it destroyed the bacteria in the tank. My nitrite levels have been of the chart for 4 weeks now, with ammonia levels seemingly undetectable
I did a control test on my tap water and it has no nitrite level. It also has no chlorine in it and is that a problem?
Also do I have to dose the water with ammonia? I really want to keep a nice tank but I almost want to just dump the whole thing out and start over again!!
I need some help from experts because the books don't give all the variables.
One last thing, I do partial water changes, about 50% every 5 or 6 days.
Thanks for listening!