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Thread: Gaurami illness

  1. Lightbulb Gaurami illness

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    My gaurami is floating mearly upright in the tank can anyone help with some advise on the problem and how to treat please ???? absalute beginner, rosevere

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    hello and welcome.

    Sorry to hear your gourami is not doing well. We're going to need to know more info about your setup to help you. Can you tell us:
    1. What species is the gourami?
    2. What size is the tank and are there other tankmates?
    3. How long has the tank been set up? Is it cycled, and what are the water parameters (ammonia/nitrite/nitrate)?
    4. What is the filtration on the tank and what water changes do you do?
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    Exactly what Brhino said

    We'll need that information in order to assist and cut down the variables and get you to the correct treatment.

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    thanks for replying brhino, my tank is small 19ltr, 4 dwarf gaurami, all well upto sunday night. then started sulking bottom of tank up right position sometimes at the top, looking very bloated, just lost one as i posted. i think they are called talking gauramis? grow to 2" i think i have given a little to much live food. nitrate 0. nitrite 0, amonia 0. set up about 2 months now fish in a month, doing brilliantly so i thought, got to complacent, over fed on live i think?????not cycled if thats what i think you mean, dont understand what you mean by filtration? normal filter if not slightly big for the tank as the original was not clearing water properly so i added another filter to help, i top up water every other day with rain water adding baking powder to up hp balance and one normal water change wvery 2-3 weeks. it seems to keep it stable and i dont need to use additives....

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    What is the name and brand of the filter.

    you currently have a 5gallon tank.
    and sadly your fish need a new home. Gourami's need a much bigger tank. can you possibly go buy a bigger tank? such as a 20gallon?

    Lastly, the gourami's are beating each other up. they really can only be 1 per tank under 55gallons....and you have 4 in a 5gallon tank. :(

    so the fish are suffering because they are beating one another up, and don't have room to swim.

    what are you testing your water with?
    and if you don't know what the cycle is, then you didn't go through the cycle, especially in 2months time.

    rain water is dangerous to add to the tank
    and baking powder does not belong in aquariums.

    water changes are needed every week to keep things fresh for the tank.
    and if you don't use additives, then you have killed all your bacteria in the filters...

    so please return these fish and we'll help set up the tank from scratch. otherwise, you'll watch all 4 fish die a slow painful death.

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    marina filter by Hagen. It was recomended by the shop i bought the tank from, i only wanted a small tank to start, 19 ltr recomended no more than 4-5 fish depending on size and as these dwarf only grow to 2" they were recomended instead of very tiny fish and more. they seam contented no fighting as i saw. I'm teasting my water with API Fresh water master test kit. the information i got regarding rain water came from a fish site like yours and as i struggle to get my nightrate, nightite, amonia levels correct and lost lots of fish due to decease i think something is working ok.
    Why is rain water dangerous? Why is baking powder not allowed fwhen it ups the ph balance to what it should be. shorley natural is better than cemical!!! if it workes dont knock it. I know you are trying to help and i appreciate it but dont laugh at me. I chang top up my water every other day as my tank is open and the room is quiet warm so evaporation is quick i follow directions to the letter with all i bye for my fish, and i've never heard of giving fish peas so thats new for my but i'm not making fun of it thank you, i have come on this site for help not ridicule. thank you very much!!

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    do you have a link to the filter? like can you google it and copy the link here so we know what exact filtration you have?

    and the shop is interested in your money, not the fish. so they'll recommend you buy as much as you want.
    my chain store fish store recommends common pleco's for ten gallon tanks. common pleco's get over 2ft long. no way it can fit into a 10 gallon tank. barely in a 100gallon tank. get what i mean? the dwarf gourami's generally get to around 3inches. I had one and it is the most active fish i've ever owned. he was in a 45gallon tank. 3ft wide and used the entire aquarium for his space. just because you can fit in a bath tub, doesn't mean you can get a workout and swim laps in it? Im using that as a reference to correlate the situation, not to ridicule.

    and they fight when you don't look. you can't watch them 24/7 to know if they fight a lot, numerous disputes go on at night when finding a place to sleep and when you have a tank that small and they don't have room to sleep, they'll beat the other fish up until it curls in a corner.

    rain water can be dangerous because of all the pollutants in the air that are absorbed in transit. hidden chemicals come from rain water that are dangerous.

    baking powder isn't needed because the pH should never be altered. pH scale is on a log scale, so when you alter it, it isn't a change of 0.2, it is on a magnitude of much higher, and pH swings are one of the fastest things to kill a fish. there is no need to alter the pH in the tank unless is is below 6.0 or higher than 8.2. and that is a rare instance and another story.

    chemicals are needed to treat the water to remove the chlorines and chloramine that will kill the bacteria in your filter. it is a requirement, not an option. because if your bacteria can't grow, then you can't establish a tank and have proper filtration.

    i'm not laughing at you, these are the sad realities of the situation. i dont mean to ridicule, but the best thing for the fish to survive is to return them.
    they simply cannot stay in that tank, or you will see them all die. it's not if they die, it is when.
    i'm trying to help and these are the facts with the situation you are dealt.

    someone else can come along and help and say the same things

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    If you explain what the cycle is i may be able to tell you if i do it as i say, i am not an expert and do not know the expert jargon you talk. i change my water every week, and top up when nessasary for my filters to work. i change my filters when recommended and i feed my fish whats recommended. tap water is very difficult to get right and as for addatives it depends on what you mean to what i mean by addatives and if i can get my water levels exc: niterite, nightrate, ammonia, ph. level Then something is working do you not agree!!!!

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    fish LESS cycle:

    fish IN cycle

    filters don't need to be changed, so every time you do that, you are losing any bacteria that you have established.
    I've kept the same filters (media) in my tank for over a year. changing them is recommended by the companies that want you to spend more money.
    tap water is treated for you to drink, fish can bear whatever is in tap water as long as you use a product like prime to dechlorinate it.

    and no, i don't agree with that statement
    if you put water in a cup and nothing else, it'll test perfect numbers.
    the numbers only change when you have proper Bacteria (BB=beneficial bacteria) growing in the tank to handle things.

    otherwise, faulty tests, or testing incorrectly are common issues. I do it all the time with not shaking things correctly.

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    thankyou for your explanation, i check my water before putting it in the tank in fact i check a bit to much all levels are fine so if i do as you say and get a bigger tank! (sorry the size you recommend is to big for me to handle as i am disabled to some degree) what do you sugest, as i am not returning the fish and i dont intend to loose them iether!

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