My niece always calls me with fish issues and I wanted to check on this before really telling her what to do. She has a 50 gal tank and water perms are all good (Ammonia and nitrites are 0 and nitrates are low.. forgot exact but still good) Anyway she brought home some Black tetras 2 days ago and they all had ick. Now her tank which has cories and otos in it is full of ick. Don't even start in on the quarantine that she should have done. :-) No other tank just like me. She is in a different state too where it's hard to find stores that sell things.

I've always had good luck with raised temps and salt. But with the tetras and cories, I told her to hold off till I asked here to be certain. I think she also has Neon tetras like I do and Harl. Rasboras and mollies. What would be her best choice of action?