My Oscar Buddy used to love the Hitari premium and standard pellets. That is until I started giving him little bits of raw tilapia which I cut in small piece, then freeze and thaw as needed. My turtle love it and so do the guppies in the turtle tank. So, what foods can I feed him? He'll go for the tiny pellets I started him with sometimes, and other times I can sneak a big one in. Also, he just doesn't seem as excited to eat? He has three miniscule white spots on his two front fins. I have treated his tank with several meds-----ick med--pimafix--melafix---salt/heat. Of course these were over a long period of time. Not all at once! Nothing changed except he seemed less energetic and happy. So I wonder what those could be? Anyhow, I would not think it would be good for him to eat raw fish constantly. He also likes the big dried turtle shrimp. Any suggestions about the food or the spots? Thanks a lot!Shirley