Just picked up a 3 month old 40 gallon tank with lids and gravel for $30 (score!), now I need to figure out what to put in there.

I have plans that I made for a 80 gallon tank but I think I will wait until I get the 80 gallon instead of shot gunning it and narrowing the list down and doing it in the 40 gallon.

In the future 80 gallon I'm putting in Congo Tetra's, Cardinal Tetra's, Banded Rainbowfish, Cory's and Kuhli's. So I would prefer not getting them for this tank.

I also have a cichlid tank I am re-doing. I'm designing it around my male Venustus.

I was thinking that maybe I could do a tank with Angel's ?? I've never owned Angels before and I'm not sure how I would go with them, they are beautiful but I understand they are quite aggressive.

I'm up for other suggestions as well. Ill have a go at anything :-)

The tank is about 145 litres 36''L x 12"W x 20"H