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    Lightbulb 118g SA/CA Cichlid Tank

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    So, I am in the process of upgrading my 65g severum tank to a 118g 5-foot by 2-foot South American Biotope (with a few Central American residents).

    Current plans are that the tank will be river-themed, decorated with driftwood and large river rocks on a bed of white silica sand. For filtration I will have the internal Juwel filter as well as an additional canister of which I haven't decided. Don't bother suggesting which canister I should buy because the ones you guys use probably won't be available here.

    Anyway, help me stock it! Currently the only confirmed residents are:
    - 1 Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
    - 1-2 Super-red Severums (haven't decided whether to keep one or 2 just yet)

    I'm open to any ideas, although keep in mind that I probably won't have access to any really fancy or rare species. This is a rough list of species I'm interested in, and obviously I don't expect to be able to keep all of them in this one tank so don't shoot me yet. I've done as much research as I can but there is a lot of controversy as to what's compatible and whats not, and how many will "fit" safely and comfortably in a 5-foot tank. Species I've been considering are as follows:

    - 1x Green Terror -- probably too aggressive?
    - 3x Red Striped Eartheater -- stunning but would a group of these and the EBJD and Sevs put me over my stocking level?
    - 1x Firemouth
    - small group of Sajica Cichlids or other smaller cichlid (suggestions?) OR school of larger characin -- Spotted Metynnis?
    - 2-3x small-ish plecostomuses (L066 or Bristlenoses?) OR oddball catfish?
    - 1x Oscar -- I know this cancels out pretty much everything else on my list but just wondering if it's even an option?

    Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.
    Last edited by Amelia; 02-17-2013 at 11:25 AM.

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    Note that the list is order from what I'm most interested in at the top, going down to less interested at the bottom.

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    do you have blue acara in australia?

    they are a different color variant of the green terror and have a much nicer temperment when it comes to their tank mates.

    but i like where you are going with this.

    i think you could fit the ebjd/sev/acara and 2 plecos and then some pending whatever filtration you can find down there.

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    you already answered most of your own questions :o) The oscar is out. He can't be in a tank with other cichlids. The green terror would be too aggressive. all others on your list would be great. Another suggestion - blood parrots are a lot of fun and just full of color and personality. You could also add an angel with the sevs and the EBJD.

    A note on EBJD's - I have one, too. Learned a lot about it after I bought it. Beautiful fish but it seems they are prone to digestive problems and often don't make it past the 4 - 5 inch mark. I've been growing mine out since Sept and so far so good - he's not quite at the 4 inch mark yet so we are not out of the woods. Hope yours is doing well.
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    Thanks for the posts guys. :) Mizzou, I have seen Blue Acaras occasionally but they don't really do a lot for me. Maybe it's just the stock we have here but they always look plain grey and boring.

    Mommie -- haha, I guess I did! I always try to do as much research as I can before I ask questions here. I guess the main thing I'm asking for help on is stocking levels. I've never stocked a cichlid tank before and it's A LOT different than stocking a tank of tetras, etc. There's so many more factors that have to go into it, like have ample space for territories to avoid aggression, and not getting species which may hybridize.

    Angels I love but I already have one in my planted community. The BPs are something I've considered but don't think I really want for this tank. Thank you for the info on the EBJD -- I hope my wee fellow is healthy. He's roughly 3", I just got him a few days ago. I just adore his angry little pout, he thinks he's so tough but the severums take no notice of him.

    I see you have Geos in your 90g -- may I ask how many and what sp.? I've decided I really like these but I just have no clue about how to stock a cichlid tank. I'm sort of thinking 2 sevs, 1 EBJD and a small group of Geos might be what I'll go for, and maybe a school of large characins as well if they "fit". I'm really clueless as to stocking levels for this tank -- I feel like a beginner again, like when I was stocking my first community and had no idea how many to add!

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    The red sev's with the EBJD and some geos would be nice, you could fit the firemouth in that stock too.

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    Thanks for the reply, Sandz. I think that's what I'll go with. In your opinion would I be able to swap the FM for a school of some kind or is that pushing the limit a bit?

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    With what you are planned for the 118g (EBJD and Sev), I would choose from Gymnogeophagus since they are smaller than the Geophagus

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    Rocksor I don't think those are available here, I've never heard of them. Our range of cichlids is very limited. We only have the one species of Geo available, and if we're lucky we get Mikrogeophagus but they're horrendously expensive.

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    I think you'd be good with just the 2 sevs and ebjd. Add a Pleco and some silver dollars or Red hook silver dollars and you should have a pretty mellow set up.

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