64 us gallon f00t
2 powerheads with sponge and balls in filters one 200 watt heater
current fish stock 2 angels, 3 red zebra danios, 1 pleco, 7 black skirts and 3 neons, and one betta, my betta loves the community tank, when ever i put him in his tank he just looks at me and one red tailed shark
food to feed is tetra min and bloodworms once a week
5 amazon swords and some other fast growing plants
also got one piece of bogwood
most of what i got came from my three foot tank

any ideas about stocking levels, addtions ?
im trying to get at least my tank to pay for the food at least every month, my pwc is 25 % of the tank each week, using a water conditioner as well for adding new water, changing to prime when my current conditioner is finished