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  1. Default Bristlenose and Betta

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    I have a 30 gal that gets over run with algae quite often and its mostly my fault that I leave lights on while I'm awake so its on too long. I'm terrible at getting it off because frankly I like being able to see my fish. lol So my mom was having issues with hers and was told to grab a bristle. She loves it!
    So she grabbed me one and these are supposed to be dwarfs.. I think they mean Ancistrus temminckii. ANyway on this one site that ccalculates how many fish to a tank you can get away with, it noted that they can't be with Bettas. I have a docile 'male' betta (not really sure... walmart said male, and its either a short finned male or indeed a female with lots of color. :-)
    I never saw any fights but bristle didn't live more then a week. I know it didn't starve. Now my guess is that due to a missed wc I probably caused its death because my other fish are used to me missing one while pregnant and not able to lift much. But I'm just wanting to be certain that I didn't lose him due to betta. Has anyone heard of them not mixing?
    Can't see why really because Bettas don't fight over the bottom. Now I do have Cories... but they seemed happy that this guy was in there. I planned on picking up more to buddy with but if they aren't going to survive then I can't see wasting $8 a piece on a non compatible fish.
    Define busy ~
    55 gal freashwater
    29 gal fresh
    3 cats, 1 dog and 3 kids.

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    the algae issue can be fixed easy.
    go to any walmart and buy a timer for 10bucks.

    that website you refer to is mediocre at best. it gives you a very very rough idea and is no way reliable.

    post your current stock and filtration and parameters and we'll be able to help.

  3. Default

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    I've never seen a timer for $10. my walmart sucks

    AC 200 (50 gal) two air stone toys as well
    1 Betta
    6 Neons
    6 Black Neons (note both tetra are currently only at 4 but I will be increasing these soon possible up to 8)
    3 glofish
    2 peppered cory

    Black plant sand over play sand. Planted tank. Lighting is stock so I'm suprised at how well my plants do. I have anubius, christmas moss, amazon sworrds and maybe something else in there.
    Not certain about parameters as ran out of tests for now. Tis why I'm assumning the bristle had an issue with water quality. I didn't take him back to store because mom bought him and I didn't find him for a few days till he floated to top. I have a lot of plants and drift wood
    Define busy ~
    55 gal freashwater
    29 gal fresh
    3 cats, 1 dog and 3 kids.

  4. Default

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    Sorry about the bristlenose. they are great fish
    I agree with Missoutank Without knowing water perimeters there's no way to know what happened. If you don't have an API liquid water test kit, you really should get one. I can't imagine keeping my tanks without it. When something seems wrong or goes wrong the first thing I do is check ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.

    If you had an ammonia spike or if you nitrates are high, it could have killed it since toxins tend to settle near the bottom.

    Once you have your water perimeters get back to us. In the meantime, I'd do a large water change just in case you do have a nitrate or ammonia problem so your other fish don't also become ill.

    How long has your tank been cycled, btw?
    30 g FW planted:corys, female ABNP, blue angel, harleys, zebra danios, rummies,
    15 g FW planted:2 male guppies, neons, pygmy corys, clown pleco, 4 types of shrimp, assassin snails
    90 Gal Journal:
    fishless cycling:
    fish in cycling:

  5. Default

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    Yeah I know. That's why I could only asumn. Lets put it this way, I'm pregnant with third child and husband doesn't bank a million. :-) Sometimes you buy what you really need more then test kits. They have food and clorine killers. When you run out of tests you hope for the best.

    Tank is 3 yrs old - most of those fish in there have been in for those 3 yrs or slightly less. My guess was as said above... newbies to tank not used to things and bottom feeders effected first.
    I had not gotten to a water change before I put him in as my mom suprised me with it for birthday... and again I am not supposed to lift buckets of water but I did a large change today after a slight change the other day.
    So aside from my mistake that I admit to -- do they get along with Bettas? or cories?
    To be honest I'm 24 wks pg and been getting contractions... not a fun or healthy pregnancy so my fish and other pets have suffered when husband is at work. Can't wait till June!

    On the plus side I had 3 oto's we tried to introduce a few months back. I thought I lost all of them for same reason (I got hospitalised in Nov so tank again went undone) .... but while cleaning the tank one of the otos scurried around and seems to be thriving... last of the 3 of course. But I did something right!
    Last edited by Countrylovin4evr; 02-17-2013 at 01:22 AM.
    Define busy ~
    55 gal freashwater
    29 gal fresh
    3 cats, 1 dog and 3 kids.

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    If that is the case for your situation, then I would hold off on new fish until you can get extra help with the tank.

    without any way to test the water, you have the potential to kill every new fish you add. especially without a QT set up.

    pleco's get along fine with near every fish.

    betta's attitudes vary so much that they don't succeed in community tanks.
    one fish can be best buds with the other fish, another will shred everything in its path.

    Edit: about the timer-go online and buy a timer then. every time I have bought was 10bucks, at walmart and home depot.
    Last edited by mizzoutank; 02-17-2013 at 01:26 AM.

  7. Default

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    it's a long time until June. Get an aquean water changer as suggested on another one of your threads and not to be a parrot, but I agree with mizzou. It would be best for YOU and the fish not to get any more fish until you can take care of them.
    good luck
    30 g FW planted:corys, female ABNP, blue angel, harleys, zebra danios, rummies,
    15 g FW planted:2 male guppies, neons, pygmy corys, clown pleco, 4 types of shrimp, assassin snails
    90 Gal Journal:
    fishless cycling:
    fish in cycling:

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    I can't imagine the betta being the cause. If it really was temmenicki and there was chemical trouble you would have seen him an awful lot in the top half of the tank.

    Have you seen the fish eat?

  9. Default

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    Well I thought I saw him eating. lol
    Wahh.. don't say its a long time till June... I'm dying here as it is with this pregnancy! lol

    As I stated earlier I wasn't the one that BOUGHT the fish. MY MOM did for my birthday. I never saw him at top nor have my other cories acted funny.

    Actually I've had bad luck with plecos being overly aggressive and bettas being the nicest fish I've ever had... still thinking this one is female though. Being I've owned MANY bettas in my yrs of fish keeping I am stumped on this one and it bugs me. :-)
    To be quite honest I am doing research now into my fish - not just jumping out and getting more. I like to know what I'm getting into before I do it though I do plan on picking up some extra neons tomorrow for $1 a piece because I've lost a few over the yr - yr1/2. My betta had popeye- treated that and lost a tetra... or it might have been when I treated a platy back awhile ago... its funny that if I ever treat or even remove one fish, a totally different fish dies on me that had no sign of illness yet. Platy had dropsy. Didnt survive. I am still working on getting 10 gal set up... just need a filter for it and made mom a deal on that so its most likely my first step. As one can imagine... I have MANY MoRE important things to buy right now then fish, filters...etc. I'm just researching. I didn't plan on getting another bristle yet- but wanted to check first if they were ok with Bettas. Thing is, I went to clean tank and realised while doing so that I hadn't seen Betta OR Bristle for 3 days. Figured both to be dead. Betta has old scaring on head from something so I never know if he'll be alive next day though seems healthy. Then about 2 days later there is my betta happy as can be . Then next day I realised something was floating and was pretty white... as no other fish where missing and this was fuzzy I could only assumn it was bristle.
    BTW... after recounting my neons again I have found that ALL are present but one black I remember losing a long time ago. sneaky little things. So that means I haven't lost a fish in at least a yr. After finding bristle I did another water change. BIG one yesterday. Also played with my anubius today. Anytime I have tested water or even took in to be tested if I was out of tests it has always come out perfect. But as I said I've had to slack off a bit and it sucks but everyone has survived me but for the newcomer. I figured it was smy fault but wanted to be certain it wasn't betta.
    Define busy ~
    55 gal freashwater
    29 gal fresh
    3 cats, 1 dog and 3 kids.

  10. #10


    0 Not allowed!
    Perhaps you should postpone big decisions until you've delivered? Being pregnant can be hard and stressful work.

    A common cause of losing bristlenose is that they stop eating in transit. Cutting an anubias rhyzome can release some juices which are big trouble to shrimp, don't know if ancistrus are sensitive to it as well.

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